Lux audio as both a distribution and dealer company was set up in 2021 to cater to the discerning audiophile focusing on the sound and the end result. Our focus is on the synergy of your components and how to get them working synergistically to obtain the best result in your space, timeframe and budget. We are specialists in Hi End & End Game audio systems

We feature amazing products like Goebel Hi End, Arya Audio , Gershman  just to mention a few. Contact us and see how we can be of help and service today!

Owned by an Audiophile for all Audiophiles! Mirabile Musica


We have a fully setup demo room in Prahran, Melbourne that is open by appointment for all your listening needs. Discover with us the makings of a high end system and what it can achieve sound wise.

This reference system is constantly challenged, revised and updated to explore how we can achieve the epitome in soundstage, accuracy, timing and texture in all the music that surrounds us.

Come join us for an enjoyable session!