Solid Silver

The Cloude 99 cords – redesigned and improved Cloude Nine – exist in two sizes: front (3 conductors) and full (7 conductors); Both versions are made of 99.997% pure solid silver, 001 inch think flat wires (ribbons).

No real dielectric is used – at least, in the conventional sense: each of the silver ribbons is gently spiraled inside a flexible (but strong) transparent Helium filled 1/4 inches OD tubing (STEALTH para-vacuum technology*). The tubing touches only the very thin edges of the silver wire, and the flat part of the wire is surrounded by Helium only; each tube is strictly air tight to prevent Helium from leaking out and preserve the silver from oxidation.. When such construction is measured, the dielectric constant is very close to 1.0 – (vacuum) – and the closest up, solid Teflon, being 2.2 to 2.5 depending on the Teflon type (all other known solid dielectric have higher constants; the closer the dielectric constant to 1.0 – the better for the subjective “speed” perception).

Both Front and Full Cloude 99 versions are extremely soft and flexible, and they do look like a cloud; the pictures don’t do justice to the looks, but they give an idea what to expect…


  • 99.997% pure solid silver flat (low inductance) wire;
  • Para-Vacuum dielectric**
  • over 1 inch overall cord diameter for the full version;
  • Proprietary STEALTH clear shell AC plug with solid silver contacts;
  • Proprietary STEALTH IEC receptacle with solid silver contacts;

Standard STEALTH solid silver contacts wall plug & IEC receptacle


Cloude 99 is very “fast” (subjectively the fastest of all STEALTH cords**) and sonically transparent. The Cloude 99 will reveal these characteristics in every system, but – as with any AC power cord from any manufacturer – its exact effect and “sonic signature” in a given system depends on the AC power line wires and/or power balancers or power conditioners used. Therefore, the best and predictable sonic results can be obtained only if an AC line is “clean” (undistorted sinusoidal) AND a properly installed dedicated audio ground is present.

Yes, using premium audiophile-grade power cords with a standard house/apartment wiring is helpful, but in general, the better your house ground wiring is, the more obvious are the sonic advantages of any premium AC cords, and STEALTH Cloude 99 in particular;

The Cloude 99 cord will certainly work with any 15 or 20 amps wall sockets, and even with standard sockets the STEALTH silver plugs provide considerably lower measured contact resistance compare to the standard plugs, however the best performance is achieved if this cord is used with premium quality wall sockets.


Suggested retail price for the Full Cloude 99 cord is:

$3,900 (for 1.2 meters and shorter);

$4,100 (for 1.5 meters);

$4,600 (for 2 meters);

and $1,000 for each extra meter after 2 meters;

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