Blockbusters for Demanding Listeners

The new Audionet AMP high performance power amplifiers are true mono-blocks that combine remarkable sound potential with high-end technical possibilities. A pair of blockbusters for real connoisseurs.

Air plays a key role in regard to our AMP mono-blocks. For one thing, the pair needs some air around them in order to permit the diffusion of the heat either block generates. And for another, air is part of the sound experience they offer: every fragment of a beat, every acoustic detail is offered to the listener in transparent spatiality, as if encapsulated in the purest air. Weighing in at 22 kilograms, the two mono outputs deliver a maximum of airiness and vivid rendition, and may well bring tears of joy to the eyes of more sensitive listeners. The AMPs play with fascinating ease, impressing us with acoustic permeability, tonal accuracy and striking macro- and micro-dynamical precision. The musical reproduction is transparent, airy and colourful, but remains agreeably relaxed at the same time.



Our AMP mono-blocks represent the state-of-the-art of Audionet’s internationally acclaimed ULA (Ultra-Linear-Amplifier) technology. This highly complex circuit topology, which we originally invented for medical engineering, delivers results that push the boundaries currently feasible in measuring technology. Even under maximum strain or in some other borderline situation, the incidence of signal impurity remains almost below detectable levels, whilst outstanding feedback damping ensures that the loudspeakers perform to the limits of their capacity.


The Cream of the Crop

The efficiency and precision of ULA is such that even the sound properties of components and materials are clearly audible. As a result, reason, every sound-critical point in the AMP is exclusively fitted with the finest components obtainable worldwide, in some cases custom-made for Audionet. The 47,000 µF filter capacitors, for instance, are manufactured according to our specifications by specialists in the USA. Equipped with a silk dielectric our high audiograde electrolytic capacitors come from Japan. Our low-loss capacitors are made of mica, a silicate manufactured to order in India and China. We use selected high-current foil capacitors with a minimal loss angle, high-quality silver-gold alloys for our internal wiring and the very best connector systems available from Furutech.

Moreover, during the manufacturing process of every single mono-block, all the relevant components are re-checked, measured and matched in order to guarantee optimum performance.



In order to guarantee absolute channel separation, the AMP pair is designed as mono amplifiers. The powerful, extremely stable performance of the AMP ensures interference-free operation even in extreme range.

The magnetically and capacitatively optimized assembly of the mono-blocks largely eliminates both feedback from electrical interference rays as well as reciprocal influences between the amplification channels during the amplification process. In order to optimize the high-frequency attributes and the velocity attained by the AMPs, miniaturization techniques were consistently deployed. The remaining signal paths have been kept to a minimum, and contain no sound-impairing components such as coils, chokes or relays.

The AMPs are equipped with RCA and XLR inputs, which are electronically switched via gold-plated precision relays. The input stage is configured as double-differential amplifier with a low-noise, monolithic dual FET, thus making the end amplifiers electrically independent of the input signal and avoiding harmful interaction with the power source.

The input stage is separately powered by an 80 VA toroid-core transformer. With a gain-bandwidth product exceeding one Gigahertz, it is additionally decoupled from the power stages by double bootstrapping. The output stage is equipped with six power MOSFETs with actively controlled bias current amounting to 0.6 A. Thanks to a unique and highly elaborated correction stage, distortions are linearized locally in real time; the negligible level of total distortion is scarcely detectable, even with the most sophisticated measuring methods. The supply voltages are stabilized as rapidly as possible by optimized discrete MOSFET regulators, whose basic supply comes from an encapsulated 850-VA toroid-core transformer and two special, fast and impulse-resistant high-current capacitors with total filtering capacity amounting to 188,000 µF.

A microprocessor unit controls all functions and permanently monitors DC, HF, temperature and overload, and disconnects the AMP from the mains supply in the case of faults. A large, two-line display indicates fault sources in plain language. Remote activation is possible optically via Audionet-Link as well as signal-dependently in three sensitivity ranges. The control unit is separately supplied by a transformer.



Microprocessor controlled mono power amplifier.


Special Features

  • Audionet ULA technology (Ultra-Linear-Amplifier)
  • Magnetically and capacitatively optimized construction
  • Signal paths are kept to a minimum
  • No capacitors and electromechanical components in the signal path
  • Completely DC coupeld
  • Separate power supply for input and power stage
  • Toroid transformer with 850 VA
  • 2 impulse-stable high-current capacitors with filtering capacity totalling 82,000 µF
  • Discrete, extremely fast and stable driver and output stages
  • Automatic mains phase detection
  • Large-size, two-line VDF-display
  • Screen saver
  • Remote control activation by Audionet Link (optical waveguide) or via input signal (without 12V trigger connection to avoid sound diminishing capacitive and electromganetic effects)
  • Microprocessor unit controls all functions and permanently monitors DC, HF, temperature and overload


In- and Outputs

Audio inputs: 1 Furutech RCA line, gold-plated, teflon insulated
1 XLR balanced, gold-plated
Loudspeaker outputs: 2 pair Furutech 4mm-jacks, rhodium-plated
Remote activation: 2 Audionet Links, optical (in- and output)

Remote control / Remote activation

The optical Audionet Link connection is implemented to power on the Audionet AMP by remote control. This leads to a galvanically isolated connectivity without sound affecting cable connections.


We do not use 12V trigger connections to avoid sound diminishing capacitive and electromganetic effects as well as secondary voltage injections.

It is alternatively possible to switch the AMP on simply via the input signal, e.g. for the compatibility with third party devices that do not provide Audionet Link. Please refer to the user’s manual for the set up.


Technical Data

Output: 200 W into 8 ohms
350 W into 4 ohms
550 W into 2 ohms
750 W into 1 ohm
Filtering capacity: 82,000 µF
Frequency Response: 0 – 300,000 Hz (-3 dB)
Damping Factor: > 1,800 @ 10 kHz
> 10,000 @ 100 Hz
Harmonic Spectrum: k2 typ. -117 dB for 25 Watts @ 4 ohms
k3 typ. -140 dB for 25 Watts @ 4 ohms
Intermodulation < -110 dB SMPTE 100 Hz : 20 kHz, 4 : 1, 50 W @ 4 ohms
THD + N: < -105 dB at 1 kHz, 35 Watts @ 2 ohms between 20 Hz and 20 kHz
SNR: > 122 dB
Input Impedance: RCA: 37 kOhm, 220 pF
XLR: 3 kOhm, 170 pF
Power Consumption: max. 1,000 W
Mains connection: 120 or 230 V, 50…60 Hz
Dimensions: width 215 mm
height 190 mm
depth 500 mm
Weight: 22 kg/mono block


Front panel: Brushed aluminium, 10mm, black anodized, light grey printing
Brushed aluminium, 10mm, silver anodized, black printing
Display: Red or blue
Cover: Brushed aluminium, 6 mm, black anodised
Sides: Brushed aluminium, 4 mm, black anodised
Chassis: Sheet steel, 2 mm, black varnished


Stereo Times

Most Wanted Components 2015 Award

“[…] A microprocessor is brilliantly built into each monoblock that control all functions and monitors any potential faulty condition such as: HF, DC, temperature, and thermal overload. These German-made electronics are superb sounding, powerfully authoritative and produce an impressive three-dimensional soundstage.”

Audio-Creative, Netherlands

“[…] I am very impressed by the sound quality as well as the good workmanship. […] Keywords on it’s sound: powerful, drive, excellent soundstage. No sign of over-analytic behavior. Comment of a tube loving buddy: ‘you really can’t hear it’s solid state – but wow, the basses are just wonderful’. The bass which the Amp is getting out of my speakers is of nearly endless drive. […] Summary: I really have to recommend these royal Audionets with an almost low price tag compared to it’s huge architecture and overwhelming sound quality. An amplifier which might last a lifetime because of it’s construction qualities.”

“Listening to songs with the Audionet amplifier trio each title gains in expressiveness, timbre and temper. You sit in your armchair, listen to Pink Floyds ‘The Wall’ and be pleased about the helicopter (the whistling of the helicopters turbines brings also 30 years after appearance of the album still large pleasure), and then you get suddenly goosebumps […] The Audionets deal regular with amplifiers of the competition; they need however in best Klitschko manners rarely more than three rounds, in order to knock the opponent out. […] There’s simply nothing to beef about: plenty of power, smallest distortions and absolutely first-class signal-to-noise ratios. These two Audionets belong to the Crème de la Crème of high-end amplifiers.”

AV-Magazin Brasil

“In summary it is one of the best price-performance ratio ever.”

Press comments on the predecessor AMP II G2

Image HiFi Germany

“The Audionet combination – merciless? No, a revelation for everyone who wants to discover the basic message of a recording. In order to enumerate other amplifiers known to me that transport so unfiltered, commentless and unlimited what the source offers, I need two fingers – at most. […] PRE I G2, EPS and AMP II G2 don’t put themselves to the foreground with an own sound, they only deal with music. They offer a new, clearer sight to singer, orchestra and string quartets, to individual concepts, different perspectives, varying interpretive solutions, in short: to the main issue, i.e. music in its whole diversity.”

AV Extreme Greece

“The sound: Simply natural and in one word: TOP!”

“How good is this mono amplifier from Bochum in Germany? Well, I can tell you that I cannot imagine myself having a HiFi life without this mono amplifier. So until someone convince me otherwise, this pair of mono amplifier will remain in my listening room as my reference. I consider myself to ‘have seen the light at the end of the tunnel’.”

Stereoplay Germany

“State-of-the-art mono amplifiers, absolute tonal top class.
Absolute Top Class I, Reference

Stereo Germany

“Also the mono power amplifiers AMP II set standards. AMP II are fantastic highend power amplifiers.
Excellent ***

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