Air King V16 RCA and XLR. The Newest Model of Air King.

The AIR KING is the only pure silver analog interconnect that we currently make, and it is our best-to-date effort with PURE SILVER. Sonically, the Air King clearly surpasses all our previous (now discontinued) pure silver interconnects.


  • Ultra-thin 99.997% pure silver wire
  • foam Teflon insulation
  • STEALTH distributed LITZ geometry*
  • STEALTH proprietary connectors
  • virtually unbreakable wire core
  • advanced termination technique



The Air King is a pure silver cable and thus has certain attributes typical for pure silver: the extra subjective “speed” and clarity, somewhat emphasized upper midrange (“presence region”) and forward overall presentation; the Air King does NOT sound thin, but its very extended treble offers lots of “air” and “sparkle”. If you feel you need a bit of extra “live” in your system, this may be the best cables for you. However, if you system is a bit on the bright side – then a better choice may be our pure carbon (Nanofiber) cables, which sound subjectively softer and more “relaxed” than the Air King.

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