SWIFT analog interconnect has been in development during 2008, and went into production in early 2009. The main design goal was the correct tonality and good resolution – combined with a very good price-to-performance ratio. The result is appropriate: the SWIFT does nothing wrong: while the technology is different, SWIFT can be considered a simplified version of Metacarbon, and it sounds as such: about as neutral and as extended, but not as transparent and not as refined…


RCAs – prior to 2015 -STEALTH-modified (improved grip on the RCA female) Cardas GSMO; staring 2015 – locking RCA with Carbon shells, Rhodium-over silver plated contacts.

XLRs – Neutruk of Switzerland


Suggested retail prices:

  • RCA – $1,200 for a 1 meter pair ($600 for each extra meter)
  • Balanced XLR: $1,650 for a 1 meter pair ($800 for each extra meter)

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