The new Arrow Tonearm with the potential to become a classic.
If you are looking for a an easy to set up tonearm with high grade bearings and frictionless magnetic anti-skating device you will find a perfect basis for your high grade cartridges.

Developing the Arrow Tonearm we took an approach where form follows function.
Design goal of the Arrow Tonearm is the consequent derivation and damping of the enormous energy which cartridges produce and transmit into the arm wand during playback.

  • In addition to the anti-resonance system, selected broke-in ceramic hybrid bearings are used in the tonearm.
  • The skating forces are compensated contact less by means of neodymium magnets.
  • The vertical gimbal tonearm bearing is located in the center of gravity of the Arrow Tonearm to reduce the mass moment of inertia.

Technical Data

Effective Length 266.5mm
Overhang 15.5mm
Angular Offset 20.52˚
Mounting Distance 251.0mm
Effective Mass 17 gr
Cable Capacity 130 pf (cartridge clips to RCA Plug)

Baerwald Alignment
Inner Null 66.0mm
Outer Null 122.0mm

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