5ch Selection Attenuator

The ideal audio component adds or subtracts nothing to the musical

signal. It is fully invisible to the ear.

Even the best active line amplifiers leave an audible mark on the

signal since there is no amplifier entirely free of distortion,

For this reason many listeners prefer high quality passive line stages

control the interface between signal sources and amplifier.

The passive control center is an obvious answer-simple, elegant,

and precise.

Consistent with this philosophy, simplicity and quality were the

overriding design goals for the ATT-S passive attenuators.

Like other WAVAC Audio Lab. products, the ATT attenuators are outstanding examples

of the manufacturing arts. The bodies of these instruments are sculpted

out of solid blocks of aluminum using the latest precision machining

technology, for distinctive styling and lifetime enjoyment.

A constant-impedance studio-grade attenuator provides the proper

termination at input and output and passes along the signal with

absolutely no audible coloration. The switches we selected for the

attenuator and source selector are high-reliability devices with gold

contacts and low dielectric molded wafer construction.

Luxurious precision machines stainless steel knobs slightly offset

from center offer a substantial feel and positive switch action.

Half-inlaied 18K solid gold dots provide tactile indication of selector

position and enhance the fresh,, contemporary visual design of

the ATT-S.


-ATT series passive attenuators consist of a high-quality molded wafer

switch with gold contacts serving as the source selector and a precision

attenuator for volume control.

-H pad attenuator circuit offers a constant source and load impedance of

10 kilo ohms for solid input/output termination.

-The ATT attenuators are ideally suited for high input sensitivity amplifiers

such as the HE-4304 having adequate gain to allow the use of

passive control units with average source levels.

Product Specifications
Input 5ch
Output 1ch
Input/output impedance 10k ohms
Frequency range 20Hz-100KHz
Attenuation 65dB MAX
Input voltage limit 5 volts
External dimensions 250Wx275Dx80H(mm)
Weight 5.7kg

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