Beeswax SHD  – Super High Definition!

The new Beeswax SHD fuse incorporates  a triple layer design with 2  new proprietary components to make the fuse even quieter with a better transfer of current and re location of the Bees Wax inside of the fuse for better stability.

Audio Magic latest fuse in the Premiere line – The “Beeswax” Premiere Super Fuse. The Beeswax version is identical to the Premiere version the only difference is Audio Magic uses Beeswax instead of the normal anti vibration fluid, this gives the fuse a very organic flavor but maintains the detail, dynamics and everything the Premier does. The production of this fuse is very difficult, very hard to get the Beeswax into the fuse but the organic sound is too good to ignore.

Audio Magic Premiere SUPER fuse:
The Audio Magic Premiere SUPER fuse incorporates Audio Magic’s anti vibration fluid to stop the element from vibrating at 50/60 hz and then the blackout powder super mix to absorb all EMI and RFI riding the element as well as ambient sources and insert a new HRC core which allows the signal to travel through the fuse in a more cohesive and linear manner. The Premier SUPER fuse is 30% better than the Audio Magic’s original SUPER fuse in every way!

Much more detail top to bottom, wider and deeper soundstage, much better inner detail, layering, and a lot more air around instruments and voices.

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