Music at its best High End
CD player with CEC’s latest development:
power purifier power supply

Switching purifier power supply
CD5300 includes a sophisticated multi stage AC power line filter with a very wide performance range starting from the frequencies within the audio range up to more than 100MHz. The AC power becomes clean and there is no considerable contamination of the AC power. Regardless of the input voltage and quality, any AC power gets filtered and converted to stable primary voltage of 400VDC by the active primary pre-regulator/power purifier circuit. Any low frequency distortion or DC-offset on the AC power line is practically eliminated by the pre-regulator circuit. This is significant as those distortions have a big impact to the sound quality and any passive power line filter is not working at such low frequencies. The pre-regulated voltage allows an optimized operation of the following PWM power supplies. For more stabilization and in order to avoid high frequency noise created from each switching stage, CD5300 has several sophisti-cated multi stage DC power line filters with very wide frequency range. Separated variable frequency PWM power supplies are applied for DAC/Analog and Digital/Servo part. Each supply voltage is again carefully filtered before feeding sound quality sensitive circuitry. This way, all special audio circuitry of CD5300 are enabled to work at optimum performance for the best sound quality.

State-of-the-art Cl and LEF technologies
Cl(Current Injection) is a landmark technology for shortening the signal path, improving the sound quality and measurement specs signifi-cantly. The eftective simplicity of Cl requires a non-feedback-loop amplifier. While CI replaces the voltage amplifier, LEF guarantees best performance of the current amplifier with low THD. Both technologies complement each other and overcome the limitations of traditional Op-amps to a better standard of music reproduction. The unique combination of Cl and LEF Single Ended Class A technologies in only one amplifier per balanced analog output stage provides you with today’s best possible sound quality. The amplifier section runs without global negative feedback, and the amplifier creates no dynamic distortions.

DA converter and Digital functions
CD5300 uses one of the latest Burr-Brown’s DAC, PCM1796. By using the DAC in dual-mono, it guarantees ultra low distortion, high dynamic range and channel separation. The DAC also provides several additional attractive digital functions. You can select different settings for the digital filter, Dither and Δ∑-FS. Digital filter is available with FLAT and SOFT characteristic. FLAT is optimized for most linear frequency response, and SOFT for the best dynamic performance. Dither reduces the distortions that remain at the lowest signal level, thus increasing openness and linearity at the low level. Δ∑ oversampling rate is selectable from 32fs, 64fs and 128fs.

Acoustone bottom plate
Newly developed “Acoustone”, that is a composite material mainly including different kind of ceramics and binding resin, is applied to the CD5300 bottom plate. Acoustone was tuned for a maximum hardness ensuring low resonance and high sonic speed, as well as reasonable amount of elasticity and damping. To make the best use of the Acoustone’s advantages, metallic spike is applied to the CD5300 Iegs.

Specification CD5300

Playable Disk music CD & finalized CD-R/RW
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz,+0/-0.3dB
S/N ratio RCA : 106dB
XLR : 113dB
THD RCA : 0.012%
XLR : 0.004%
Channel separation RCA : >90dB
XLR : >100dB
Dynamic Range 97dB
DAC Burr-Brown PCM1796×2
Δ∑ oversampling rate 32fs/64fs/128fs(selectable)
Dither ON/OFF(selectable)
Digital filter FLAT/SOFT(selectable)
Analog output RCAx1(2Vrms)
Digital output TOS LINK x 1
Headphones output 6.3mm x 1
Power supply AC100-240V
Power consumption 15W
Dimensions approx.435(W) x 310(D) x 115(H)mm
(exclude knobs and terminals)
Weight 8.5kg
Accsessories AC cord, remote controller, spikes, spike saucers and owner’s manual
Color Silver

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