A Belt-Drive CD Player with the latest Burr-Brown’s DAC provides high sound quality and musical impressions.

Cutting-edge high-performance belt-drive CD transport
In 1991, CEC introduced the TL1, the first product to use a belt drive CD mechanism. All over the world, audiophiles and music lovers took note and gave the product an enthusiastic reception. Never before had such a wealth of detailed musical information been extracted from compact disc. And now, CEC presents the TL51XR with a latest Burr-Brown DAC, incorporating sophisticated the previous belt-drive technologies. In order to faithfully read the music signal recorded on disc, an extremely quiet drive mechanism, which can precisely stabilize the disc rotation and eliminate vibration and resonance, is essential. In the TL51XR, the spindle motor, which drives the disc, is completely isolated from the disc turntable. Any vibration or electromagnetic noise arising from the motor are either shut out or absorbed by the rubber belt. In addition to the belt, a precise disc stabilizer is essential for the belt-drive mechanism. The stabilizer solidly holds the disc onto the turntable, minimizing disc warping and vibration during playback. Moreover, the stabilizer with a large inertial moment generates a flywheel effect to stabilize the angular *velocity. In this way, the TL51XR achieves pickup performance that can read the music signal recorded on disc with the highest stability and lowest noise.

* During operation, the change rate in speed per rotation is 0.006401. at the inner rim and 0.002701. at the outer rim (extremely low change). Thus, the angular velocity during a short period such as one rotation or several rotations can be considered constant. Also, minor variations in speed according to the line speed of disc are obtained by controlling the spindle motor using the time information included in disc sub code.

24bit/192kHz DA converter
TL51 XR uses one of the latest Burr-Brown’s DAC, PCM1796. By using the DAC in dual-mono, it guarantees ultra low distortion, high dynamic range and channel separation. Before digital to analog conversion the digital signal is upsampled to 192kHz. The other digital functions of digital filter, Δ∑-oversampling and dither are optimized for the best dynamic performance, the lowest distortion, and increasing the linearity at the lowest level. This results in a more open, transparent and lifelike sound.

State-of-the-art Cl and LEF technologies
Cl(Current Injection) is a landmark technology for shortening the signal path, improving the sound quality and measurement specs significantly. The eftective simplicity of Cl requires a non-feedback-Ioop amplifier. While CI replaces the voltage amplifier, LEF guarantees best performance of the current amplifier with low THD. Both technologies complement each other and overcome the limitations of traditional Op-amps to a better standard of music reproduction. The unique combination of Cl and LEF Single Ended Class A technologies in only one amplifier per balanced analog output stage provides you with today’s best possible sound quality. The amplifier section runs without overall negative feedback, and the amplifier creates no dynamic distortions.

Specifications TL51XR

Format Belt-Drive CD Player
Playable disk music CD & finalized CD-R/RW
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz/±0.25dB
S/N ratio RCA : 104dB
XLR : 114dB
THD RCA : 0.018%
XLR : 0.010%
Channnel Separation RCA : >88dB
XLR : >94dB
Dynamic range 97dB
DAC Burr-Brown PCM1796 × 2
Analog output RCA x 1 (2Vrms)
XLR x 1 (4Vrms)
Digital output TOS LINK x 1
Power supply AC120/240V,50/60Hz(specified on the rear panel)
Power consumption 11W
Dimensions approx. 435(W) x 296(D) x 98(H)mm
(include knobs and terminals)
Weight 10kg
Accessories CD stabilizer, remote controller, AC power cord, owner’s manual
Color Silver

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