The new TL0X is the result of
CEC’s long experience in belt
drive technology.

Surpassing the finest
The ultimate task of a high end audio component is to breathe life into reproduced music and convey to the listener that the soul of the performer lives in each musical event. CEC opened a new chapter in music reproduction in the spring of 1992 with the world’s first Belt Drive CD Transport, the already famous TL1. Creative mastery of vibration control techniques resulted in this landmark product whose uniquely analog musicality has been hailed as nothing less than a revolution in digital audio. The TL1 is considered to be the finest instrument for the most musically satisfying digital reproduction by music lovers, high end amplifier and loudspeaker manufacturers, and the high end audio press around the world. Now with the CEC TL0X, the breakthroughs of the previous TL1 and TL0 have been refined even further than we imagined possible just a few years ago. In every respect the TL0X embodies a level of perfection that is unprecedented and breathtaking.

CEC is legendary for precision
Conventional CD transports tend to amplify even the slightest vibration in the reflective surface of the disc due to the distance the light beam has to travel from the laser to the pits in the disc and back to the receiving lens. These micro-vibrations scatter light and reduce the integrity of the digital data stream. The TL0X’s revolutionary three part chassis suppresses micro-vibrations and resonances that cause unwanted jitter in the digital data stream. The elimination of jitter greatly reduces the distortion that too often characterize CD as digital rather than musical. We have achieved superior isolation of the TL0X drive mechanism by suspending it from three rubber-damped suspension, which towers extend to their tiptoe feet as unified assemblies to decouple resonances from the chassis and drive mechanism. The drive mechanism is a masiive 30mm sandwich of nonmagnetic materials with dissimilar resonances a 20mm aluminum plate and a 10mm brass plate. Since the drive mechanism is only slightly wider than the compact disc it must hold, the susceptibility to airborne interference is greatly reduced.

The music lives in the details
To assure undisturbed operation of the laser pickup, all sources of electromagnetic interference are physically isolated. The massive regulated power supply is housed in a separate chassis that may be located up to 1.5meters from the TL0X drive mechanism chassis. The drive electronics are enclosed in a 20mm thick nonmagnetic anodized aluminum chassis isolated from the main drive mechanism The drive and laser motors are electronically, magnetically, and mechanically isolated from the laser pickup and turntable, coupled only by two precision drive belts. The disc drive motor is a cog-free low torque design that is inherently free of vibration. The drive belt multiplies its torque to spin the compact disc on a precision spindle/thrust bearing assembly and supports a 125mm diameter stabilizer clamp weighing 450grams (1 lb). With inertia comparable to the most massive analog turntable, the flywheel effect of the TL0X disc stabilizer achieves perfect rotational stability without the constant electronic servo corrections required in all other CD transports. As a further benefit, the disc stabilizer covers the entire top and outer edge of the CD to prevent light scattering and internal refiections.

If music is your life
Each TL0X is rigorously tested after completion and then “burned in” for a full week at least. Only after a final exhaustive listening test is it approved and packed for shipment to its new owner. The TL0X is priced commensurate with its performance and the true cost of its premium materials and painstaking workmanship. Each unit is hand fabricated by an individual whose technical skill are complemented by his exquisite attention to detail. Pride, craftsmanship, and music reproduction on compact disc have reached a new plateau with the CEC TL0X.

Specifications TL0X

Playable disk music CD & finalized CD-R/RW
Disk drive system
Pickup drive system
CD Stabilizer diameter 125mm, weight 45Og
inertia moment 6.6 x IO-4N,m.s2
Suspension D.R.T.S. (Double Rubbers & Triple Springs) with Three Tiptoes legs
Digital output AES / EBU (XLR, hot=pin 2) x 1(110Ω)
Coaxial x 1(75Ω)
TOS Iink x 1(optical)
Power supply 120 / 230VAC
60 / 50HZ (Specified on the rear panel)
Power consumption 12w
Dimensions Transport: approx. 300(W) x 317(D) x158(H)mm
Power box: approx. 125(W) x 260(D) x 103(H)mm
Weight Transport: approx. 16kg
Power box: approx. 4kg
Accessories AC cable, DC cable, CD stabilizer,
Spike saucers, remote controller,
batteries for remote controller, owner’s manual
Color Silver

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