The HD53R high-definition headphone amplifier has arrived for most pleasant headphone listening.

The HD53R is a state of the art headphone amplifier
The HD53R is a state of the art headphone amplifier including a small high quality power amplifier for loudspeakers. The unique LEF amplifier technology for the driver stage provides you today’s best possible sound quality. All amplifier sections run without overall negative feedback. So no dynamic distortions are created by the amplifier.

Select matching gain
You can select an input gain from -12dB, 0dB and +6dB to optimize the performance of your headphones and speakers.

Hookups to input/output jacks
For input jacks, the HD53R features XLR(balanced) jack in addition to the regular RCA(unbalanced) jack so you can enjoy the advantages of a high-definition connection with even more sophisticated audio equipment such as our CD3300 player, which has balanced outputs. Also, the two-channel headphone outputs are compatible with 3.5mm and 6.3mm plugs so up to two sets can be connected simultaneously.

*We also have HD53R Ver.8.0, which is the upgrade version of HD53R.
*HD53R can be upgraded to Ver.8.0 by replacing the AMP module with the most advanced module. Sound quality is truly improved.

HD53R Specifications

Rated output power Headphones : 1W (6.5Vrms, 150mA)
Speakers : 2 x 10W (4Ω)
Frequency response 10Hz – 200kHz (0dB / -1.4dB)
S/N ratio Headphones / Speakers:98dB (1Vrms input, 0dBu output)
Load Impedance Headphones : 16 – 2kΩ
speakers : 4 – 8Ω
Total harmonic distortion Headphones : 0.009% (32Ω, 1Vrms input, 0dBu output)
Speakers : 0.09% (8Ω, 2Vrms input, 1W output)
Input jacks 1 x balanced (XLR), 1 x unbalanced (RCA)
Output jacks Headphones : 2 x 6.3mm & 3.5mm
Speakers :1
Power supply AC 120/230V, 50/60Hz (specified on rear panel)
Power consumption Min :1.5W (Standby)
Max :15W (Headphone) / 50W (Speakers)
Dimensions 218(W) x 258(D) x 57(H)mm (without legs & jacks)
Weight 2.6kg
Accessories AC power cable, RCA-miniplug cable,
Owner’s Manual
Color Silver

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