Heartwarming, yet Cutting-Edge
CEC’s first vacuum tube integrated amplifier

The TUBE53 is a high-power vacuum tube amplifier which achieves a 20W + 20W (8Ω) output. It offers high response and the ability to drive analogue signals with ease, even from digital media players.

Using the 6L6GC Tube
The TUBE53 uses the 6L6GC vacuum tubes for the output. The 6L6GC is known as a compact, high-power and high-speed tube based on the 6L6, designed in the 1930’s by the RCA Company in the USA. Several modifications enabled spectacular improvement in the stability and reliability of the tube, giving the 6L6GC the ability to satisfy modern musical demands such as high-power, high-speed etc. The 6L6GC is also well-known as a guitar amplifier tube, helping create countless legendary moments with big brands thanks to its remarkable musical characteristics.
The TUBE53 uses two 6L6GC tubes per channel in a push-pull configuration, and the power amplifier circuitry is designed in the Mullard type with low-distortion for the phase inverting. The auto-bias setting results in a long service life for the tubes. The TUBE53’s minimum reliance on negative feedback circuitry enables hi-fidelity music reproduction.

Stability and Sound Purity from High-Quality Components
The TUBE53’s output transformer, made from orient core materials, enables a straight sound quality with minimum phase misalignment.
The use of an additional troidal transformer for the power supply offers superior rise characteristics. Noise is thoroughly eliminated by solidifying the transformer with resin and covering it with a steel casing.
The TUBE53 uses selected high-quality components to draw out the circuitry’s full potential, such as low-distortion volume control, electrolytic capacitors and resistors with high information processing ability and low noise.

Combining Modern Technology and Analogue Heritage
The design concept for TUBE53 aims for a unique combination of the latest technology and traditional analogue technique. Ample use of pure aluminum for the chassis contributes greatly to both its sophisticated appearance and musical performance. The slim and modern appearance fits right in with CEC’s existing 53 series. The soft glow of the vacuum tubes, seen through the fine glass side-panel handmade by expert craftsmen, is sure to provide you with deep musical relaxation.

Specifications TUBE53

Audio unit
Output power 20W+20W(8Ω)
Tubes 4 × ECC82(12AU7) / 4 × 6L6GC
Frequency Response 20Hz~20kHz ±0dB
S/N Ratio 90dB
THD Less than 0.5% (8Ω / 1kHz)
Input Terminals 3 × RCA
InputSensitivity/Impedance 400mV/100kΩ
Output Terminal 1 (8Ω or 6Ω)
Power AC120V/230V, 60Hz/50Hz(specified on the rear panel)
Power consumption 160W
Dimensions Approx. 227.5(W)×410(D)×183(H)mm
Weight 16kg
Accessories AC power cord, Owner’s manual

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