High cost performance power tap!

Here is the new innovation of MIS structure connecting tap!

Force bar 3.1 successor model, “Crystal 3.1” is now on sale!
Inheriting the concept of the Force bar series, we have added functions to meet market demands and reviewed the details to further improve the sound quality.

There is also a 6 mouth type “Crystal6.1”.

Model name Crystal 3.1
release date Monday, December 16, 2019

Features of Crystal 3.1

strong points

Employs the well-established “MIS (Mechanical Isolation System) ” structure

Like the Force bar series so far, the body consists of 3 parts: TOP cover, BOTTOM chassis, and sub chassis.
By mounting all the parts from the inlet to the outlet in the sub-chassis and making them independent (hanging) from the exterior case (TOP cover, BOTTOM chassis), it dampens unnecessary external vibrations that affect the power tap.
Titanium spacers were conventionally used for the connection between the top cover and the sub-chassis, but Crystal 3.1 and 6.1 have a damping alloy that can attenuate from ultra-low frequencies to ultrasonic waves: M2052.*1Uses a spacer (non-magnetic material). The damping of unnecessary vibration is made higher-dimensional.

*1 Damping alloy: M2052
An alloy for which the National Institute for Materials Science [NIMS] (formerly the National Institute for Materials Science, Ministry of Science and Technology) applied for a patent in 1995 (patent number: 2849698). A Mn-based alloy consisting of 73% Mn (manganese) + 20% Cu (copper) + 5% Ni (nickel) + 2% Fe (iron). movement) occurs, and it is said to produce high damping properties that have not been seen in alloys up to now.

Furthermore, in order to make the MIS more effective, even when a large outlet plug or inlet plug is inserted, each part is mounted at an appropriate distance so that the plug does not touch the outer case.

Body material with enhanced rigidity and robustness

The body, which consists of three parts, has changed the TOP cover from steel to aluminum, and the BOTTOM chassis and sub-chassis from aluminum to steel for the Force bar series.
As a result, both Crystal3.1/6.1 have increased in weight by about 20% (Crystal3.1: 550g ⇒ 665g) and (Crystal6.1: 907g ⇒ 1080g).
In addition, the BOTTOM chassis, which is directly affected by vibrations from the floor (installation surface), has not only changed the material mentioned above, but also increased the thickness from 1.6mm to 2.0mm, and has excellent shock and vibration absorption. The original molded Hanenite (made of inner and outer rubber) has been changed to a TAOC vibration absorption sheet.

These further improve the vibration suppression effect of the MIS and increase the rigidity of the entire body, contributing greatly to a sense of stability and high sound quality when setting.

Internal wiring material

The wiring material of the power line has been changed from 4N oxygen-free copper to tin-plated 1.6 mm, while inheriting the single wire material that actively utilizes the skin effect. Straight wiring is used for lossless transmission from input to output.
In the soldering of each part, we carefully select and select the ones containing special ingredients, and our specially selected meisters work with their skilled skills.

high usability

Crystal 3.1 has the number of outlets corresponding to CD players, preamplifiers, and power amplifiers, which are considered as a general configuration in audio systems, and is equipped with 3 3P outlets with grounding poles + 1 2P outlet. . The minimum required number of outlets can be said to be the most basic model, suppressing the occurrence of empty outlets. In addition, the 2P outlet is ideal for connecting analog players, etc., and can be used as a service outlet that can be added.

AC adapters come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and insertion directions, and have the disadvantage of blocking adjacent outlets. It is possible to use an adapter. (Follows the functions of the Force bar series)

In addition, the compact and slim body that meets user needs is very advantageous for accessories installed on the back of a narrow audio system, and it is possible to clean up the wiring around the power supply.

The ground terminal, which is unfamiliar to other manufacturers’ power taps, is connected to the ground line of the internal wiring and the exterior case, and can be used with 2P outlets as a connection destination for outlet plugs with ground wires found in power cables such as analog players. to function effectively.

Unique linking function

Crystal 3.1 has its inlet standardized to international standard: IEC60320 C14, and can be connected and expanded with other Crystal series (Crystal 3P/C1P, etc.) equipped with a connecting inlet plug (IEC60320 C13). Although both the body size and weight have been changed, it is possible to connect with the Force bar series (Force bar3P/S1P, etc.)*1.

In addition, when connecting with the Crystal series, which is equipped with a connecting inlet plug, a dedicated connecting plate*2 is prepared to improve the connection, and it can firmly suppress looseness and rattling at the joint.

The Crystal series will continue to introduce a wide variety of power strips by function, making it possible to build a highly expandable power strip system that matches individual audio systems.

*1 A dedicated connection plate cannot be used for the Crystal series + Force bar series
*2 A dedicated connection plate is attached only to the Crystal series equipped with a connection inlet plug (Crystal 3P/C1P, etc.)


Crystal 3.1/6.1 (Crystal series) was designed with the concept of clarity and delicacy as the name suggests.
The image of the Force bar series was rugged and robust, but the black tone was changed to silver.
BOTTOM chassis and sub-chassis are also unified in silver color. In particular, the bending method of the BOTTOM chassis has also been changed, creating a sense of unity with the TOP cover. The product type name placed on the top cover is also modern and stylish, with thin lines to create a sense of delicacy and accuracy.

The window frames through which outlets and inlets can be seen are designed and produced by original cutting dies used in the chassis processing process. By changing from the conventional square window to a round square window that is one size larger, it also has a chillerism that gives a glimpse of the mechanism of MIS.

The simple design of Crystal 3.1/6.1 has earned the title of “CREATIVE POWER ACCESSORIE” as a creative power accessory unique to KOJO TECHNOLOGY.

Sound quality trend

“Transparency x dynamism” The Force bar series has received much praise for its performance. Unique ideas and novel ideas and approaches have brought sound effects beyond imagination, but this Crystal 3.1/6.1 has far exceeded them.
The breadth and balance of the audible bands, the spatial expression and the sense of transparency have increased, and it feels good, and I want to keep listening to it. It is a model that makes you think like that.

It’s not enough to just listen beautifully, the low range sinks deep into the low end and extends. Mid- and low-range that is full of dynamism and greatly shakes the heart. From the exhilarating mid-high range to the gentle, smooth, and glossy high range that extends and disappears, it will surely grab the heart of the listener.

Specifications of Crystal3.1

product specifications

AC output

inlet 3P inlet (IEC60320 C14) x 1

3P outlet (NEMA5-15R) x 3

2P outlet (NEMA5-15R no ground) x 1

number of phases With single-phase two-wire ground
Voltage AC100V (rated AC125V)
capacity 1,500 VA
frequency 50/60Hz
Outline W59×H37×D213 [mm]
Not including ground terminal or foot protrusions
weight about 665g
Operating temperature 0 to 40°C
accessories warranty

*Input power cable is not included.

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