Closer ground than distant ground, further sound quality improvement!

The Force barEP, which boasts top-class popularity among the Force bar series, has changed generations to the Crystal series.
KOJO TECHNOLOGY’s “virtual earth” is a pioneer product that was launched relatively early in the industry.
Inheriting the basic philosophy of Force barEP, which has been developed under the name of “earth closer than distant earth”, materials, structure, shape, etc. are reexamined from scratch.

Model name Crystal E
release date Wednesday, April 29, 2020
Model name Crystal E x 2
release date Saturday, June 12, 2021

Reconstruction of dissimilar metal laminated structure

The basic concept of the virtual earth different metal lamination (layer) part is the same as Force barEP (conventional product), but the surface area is further expanded.
By reviewing the external shape and size, we have succeeded in securing a surface area that is 1.75 times larger than before.

This time, as a new approach to the layer part, Crystal E has a 0.5mm space between each layer, compared to conventional products that have focused on simply laminating different metals while increasing the surface area of ​​each layer. , completely avoiding surface contact between layers.
This has led to a more reliable expansion of the surface area.
The structure of the layer part has a shape that mimics a heat sink made of a different metal hybrid.

Regarding the layer material, the conventional product had a six-layer structure of “(1) copper / (2) brass / (3) copper / (4) brass / (5) copper / (6) steel, but Crystal E has “(1) stainless steel (SUS) / (2) brass / (3) Copper / ④ Brass / ⑤ Copper / ⑥ Brass / ⑦ Copper / ⑧ Brass”, and some materials have been changed.

In addition, the material and thickness of the main body chassis have also been changed. For Force barEP, which used SUS (2mm) for the top cover and aluminum (1.5mm) for the bottom chassis, aluminum (2mm) is used like other Crystal series. , changed to steel (2mm).
As a result, we were able to lower the center of gravity of the equipment, and greatly contributed to the improvement of sound quality.

ground terminal

Force barEP used a knurled screw (M4) so ​​that it could be tightened without a special tool, but in order to ensure a more reliable connection (reduction of contact resistance) with the ground wire, a SUS Changed to M4 bind screws. (Phillips screwdriver No. 2 size required)
In addition, two ground terminals are provided as with Force barEP, but one can be used for connecting audio equipment, and the other can be used as a terminal for Crystal E expansion.

*Since connecting 2 audio devices to 1 Crystal E will generate multiple grounds, we recommend 1 audio device: 1 Crystal E.

*The ground cable for Crystal E expansion in the photo is a reference example.

Dedicated ground cable (included)

Crystal E comes with a dedicated 1.2m ground cable.
One is “RCA plug – Y terminal” cable. The other is a “Y terminal – Y terminal” cable.

As with conventional products, coaxial cables with excellent high-frequency characteristics are used for the wires. All terminals have been changed to gold-plated products to improve sound quality.

The “RCA plug-Y terminal” cable can be used effectively when there is a vacancy in one of the analog input/output terminals of amplifiers, etc.
The “Y terminal – Y terminal” cable can be used when there are no free analog input/output terminals as described above, or when there is a housing tightening screw or GND terminal.

*We recommend that you judge which connection method is more effective based on your hearing.

* Y terminal size: M6 size (recommended mounting screw size_M4 to 6)

Adoption of only carefully selected functions

Force barEP has been equipped with a (tap) connection function, which is the biggest feature of the series. However, when using Force barEP, we received many inquiries that confused users, such as “Does the power cable need to be connected?” and “Does the power supply need to be supplied?”

For this reason, Crystal E has eliminated this function. We were able to make the product more user-friendly by clarifying how to use it as a product.
In addition, as mentioned above, the Crystal E is also one of the features of the Force bar/Crystal series, as a result of repeated trial production and listening, as the material, size, and shape have been changed to lower the center of gravity. , “Mechanical Isolation System (M・I・S)” also succeeded in removing it from the function of this product. The layer part has been changed from a hanging structure to a stacking structure from the bottom chassis.
This is the result of our pursuit of the ideal “virtual earth” function.

Cost maintenance (fixed)

Like the Force bar, the Crystal series is also working on commercialization with an inquisitive mind for sound quality improvement, but at the same time, it is also a lineup that emphasizes cost performance.
By eliminating the aforementioned (tap) connection function and “M・I・S” function, parts and production costs are reduced. Although it is offset by the recent surge in component prices, we have succeeded in keeping the price unchanged.

sound quality effect

Compared to Force barEP, further sound quality improvement is confirmed.
As with Force barEP, the basic effect is mainly to improve S/N, but for those who enjoy and listen to music, the “delicious band (mid/mid-low range)” that reaches the heart most, fullness and richness On the other hand, you can check the effects such as the reproduction of fine sound by improving the S/N and the deep engraving and clear contours. Both the extension and luster of the sound are good, and it will be able to handle orchestras with a sense of scale, as well as lively jazz, rock, and pop.


The design of Crystal E (Crystal series) is based on the concept of clarity, delicacy, and transparency, as the name suggests
. The top cover has a satin white anodized finish, giving it a high-quality texture.The
bottom chassis and sub-chassis are also unified in silver.In particular, the bottom chassis has been changed in its folding method, so that it is different from the top cover. It creates a sense of unity.The
product model name placed on the top cover is also thinned to create a sense of delicacy and accuracy, making it modern and stylish.In addition, the connection of the dedicated ground cable is visually recognizable
. To make it easier to connect, the directionality of ▼ is displayed in the image of the earth, and of the two ground terminals, connect the audio equipment (FORM EQUIPMENT) to which terminal, and connect the extension ground cable (ADD E) to which terminal.
The simple design of Crystal E has earned the title of “CREATIVE POWER ACCESSORIE” as a creative power accessory that is typical of KOJO TECHNOLOGY .

Crystal E Specs

product specifications

Virtual ground terminal M4 x 2 terminals (stainless screws)

W80×H35×D111 [mm] excluding terminals and protrusions

weight about 775g
Accessories (Crystal E)

Dedicated ground cable 1.2m x 2 / warranty card
RCA plug – Y terminal (M4) cable x 1 (gold plated)
Y terminal (M4) – Y terminal (M6) cable x 1 (gold plated)

* Y terminal size: M6 (recommended mounting screw size M4 to 6)

Accessories (Crystal E x 2)

Dedicated ground cable 1.2 m x 4 / warranty card
RCA plug – Y terminal (M4) cable x 2 (gold plated)
Y terminal (M4) – Y terminal (M6) cable x 2 (gold plated)

* Y terminal size: M6 (recommended mounting screw size M4 to 6)

*Input power cable is not included.

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