Equipped with a soft start function that contributes to the longevity of vintage audio equipment!

Suppresses the inrush current of audio equipment that occurs when the power is turned on.
Reduces damage to vacuum tube amplifiers and equipment without power switches, extending the life of equipment.
A Soft Start lamp is provided as standard equipment to show the startup status of the power supply.

Inlet/power switch section

Connection outlet part

Model name Crystal L1P
release date Friday, June 18, 2021

Features of Crystal L1P

strong points

Soft start circuit

The main function of the Crystal L1P is to gradually increase the power supply voltage supplied to audio equipment from zero volts, suppressing and avoiding inrush current to the equipment. It reduces damage to power switchless equipment and vintage audio equipment and contributes to a long life.

The main circuit configuration has a power MOS FET connected in the drain/source-source/drain arrangement so as to have bi-directional conduction with the power supply line. Inrush current is suppressed by slowly raising the bias voltage for the gate, which is the control terminal, and gradually lowering the resistance between the drain and source of the power MOS FET.
When the gate bias voltage is low, the impedance between the drain and source is high and the supply current is suppressed. As the bias voltage increases, the drain-source impedance decreases and the supply current increases.
Finally, the gate bias voltage reaches a level at which the power MOS FET is sufficiently turned on.
Ten power MOS FETs are used in 5-parallel to handle large currents, and the power line loss is less than the contact resistance of the power switch or power relay and hardly occurs.

No soft start

with soft start

Soft Start board + CONT board

MIS Mechanical isolation system Mechanical isolation system

The body that makes up the Crystal L1P consists of 3 parts: TOP cover / BOTTOM chassis / sub-chassis.

All parts, including the inlet, outlet, and circuit board, are mounted on the sub-chassis, and are independent (suspended) from the external case (TOP cover, BOTTOM chassis) to dampen unnecessary external vibrations that affect the power strip. .

Conventionally, a titanium spacer was used for the connection between the top cover and the sub-chassis, but the Crystal L1P has a damping alloy that can attenuate from ultra-low frequencies to the ultrasonic range: M2052 *1 Spacer (non-magnetic material ) ) is adopted to achieve a higher level of attenuation of unnecessary vibrations.

Furthermore, in order to make the MIS more effective, even when a large outlet plug or inlet plug is inserted, each part is mounted at an appropriate distance so that the plug does not touch the outer case.

*1 Damping alloy: M2052
An alloy for which the National Institute for Materials Science [NIMS] (formerly the National Institute for Materials Science, Ministry of Science and Technology) applied for a patent in 1995 (patent number: 2849698). A Mn-based alloy consisting of 73% Mn (manganese) + 20% Cu (copper) + 5% Ni (nickel) + 2% Fe (iron). movement) occurs, and it is said to produce high damping properties that have not been seen in alloys up to now.

Crystal L1P’s MIS

Avoid body contact of plugs

Body material with increased rigidity and robustness

The body, which consists of three parts, has changed the TOP cover from steel to aluminum, the BOTTOM chassis, and the sub-chassis from aluminum to steel compared to the Force bar series.
In addition, the BOTTOM chassis, which is directly affected by vibrations from the floor (installation surface), has not only changed the material mentioned above, but also increased the thickness from 1.6mm to 2.0mm, and the vibration absorbing sheet is made of Hanenite rubber inside and outside. has been changed to a TAOC vibration absorption sheet.
These further improve the vibration suppression effect of the MIS and increase the rigidity of the entire body, contributing greatly to a sense of stability and high sound quality when setting.

Bottom chassis and damping sheet

Unique features and high usability

The Crystal L1P has a truly unique docking feature (the docking outlet).
The Crystal L1P has one outlet, but you can increase the number of outlets by connecting with Crystal 3.1 or Crystal 6.1 through a connecting outlet.
Crystal 3.1 and Crystal 6.1 do not have a soft start function, but the above connection method can receive the soft start function of Crystal L1P as it is, and it is possible to suppress or avoid rushing when multiple devices are involved. It is an effective connection method.
Also, if you connect the Crystal C1P to the inlet of the Crystal L1P using the same connection function, the Crystal L1P will be able to benefit from the functions (surge absorber/noise filter) of the Crystal C1P.
The output of the Crystal L1P is supplied with power with a composite function of surge absorber, noise filter, and soft starter, and it strongly supports the adverse effects of power supply noise on sound quality.

In the future, the Crystal series will be commercialized with a wide variety of functional power taps.
Linking with other Crystal series makes it possible to build a power strip system with rich expandability that matches individual audio systems, contributing to the systemization of power strips that are unified in terms of sound quality and design.

In addition, the Crystal L1P comes with a connection plate *2 to increase the connection strength between the series . When connecting with other Crystal series, the connection can be strengthened by fixing each other’s BOTTOM chassis with screws.
In addition, the ground terminal, which is unfamiliar to other manufacturers’ power taps, is connected to the internal wiring ground line and the outer case, and functions effectively as a connection destination for an outlet plug with a ground wire.

The compact and slim body of the Crystal series meets user needs, making it extremely useful for accessories installed in the back of narrow audio systems, and making it possible to clean up the wiring around the power supply.

*2 The connection plate
Crystal L1P can be connected with the Force bar series, but it cannot be fixed with the connection plate.

Enhanced functionality with Crystal L1P

connecting plate


The Crystal L1P (Crystal series) was designed with the concept of clarity and delicacy as its name suggests.
The image of the Force bar series was rugged and robust, but the black tone was changed to silver.
BOTTOM chassis and sub-chassis are also unified in silver color. In particular, the BOTTOM chassis has a different folding method from the Force bar series, creating a sense of unity with the TOP cover.

The product type name placed on the top cover is also modern and stylish, with thin lines to create a sense of delicacy and accuracy.
In addition, an icon representing the soft start function is also placed without breaking the simple modern style, and an LED lamp (also used as a power lamp) synchronized with the soft voltage supply is provided.
The window frames through which outlets and inlets can be seen are designed and produced by original cutting dies used in the chassis processing process. By changing from the conventional square window to a round square window that is one size larger, it also has a chillerism that gives a glimpse of the mechanism of MIS.
The simple design of the Crystal L1P has earned it the title of “CREATIVE POWER ACCESSORIE” as a creative power accessory unique to KOJO TECHNOLOGY.

simple design

function icon

Sound quality trend

Crystal L1P is equipped with a Soft Start circuit as mentioned above, and power MOS FET is used for the power supply line.
After the soft-start function works, the minimum impedance is maintained, and the impedance of the power supply line is not affected.
In addition, we have researched many circuit technologies and the relationship with sound quality through the development and commercialization of clean power supplies, power strips, and cables.
The Crystal L1P is not only a functional soft starter, but also has been commercialized with a quest for high sound quality.
I don’t feel any side effects from using Crystal L1P and it gives me a feeling of grandeur, generosity, expansiveness and clarity.

Combined use of Crystal C1P and Crystal C2P2 (surge absorber + noise filter) with the Crystal series connection function will also lead audiophiles to new frontiers. The Crystal L1P, which has a focus on sound quality, is a hot topic.

Crystal L1P Specs

product specifications

inlet 3P inlet (IEC60320 C14) x 1

3P outlet (NEMA5-15R) x 1

3P connection outlet (IEC60320 C13) x 1

display Soft Start lamp (also used as Power lamp)
number of phases With single-phase two-wire ground
Voltage AC100V
capacity 1,500VA (900W lamp load)
frequency 50/60Hz
Outline W59×H37×D363 (384) [mm] (Including connecting outlet)
weight about 1220g
Operating temperature 0 to 40°C
accessories Warranty / 1 connecting plate (4 mounting screws)

*Input power cable is not included.

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