The d1-streamer-mk2 is a network music streamer with digital outputs and it is controlled by a tablet, smartphone or computer.
It allows to receive the music signal from the network via today’s protocols: UPNP/DLNA, RoonReady (Roon RAAT), Squeezelite, NAA and airplay compatibility.
The d1-streamer-mk2 is composed of a Totaldac d1-digital-mk2 reclocker, a new Totaldac streamer board with Real time operating system, a Totaldac USB GIGAFILTER loop and a new Totaldac live-power external power supply.
The d1-streamer-mk2 has been designed with the same target as for the Totaldac DACs, delivering the most natural sound.
The embedded reclocker guarantees a low jitter and auxiliary inputs.
DSD files are sent to the coax and AES-EBU outputs in DSD DoP format.

“The dCS Network Bridge has bested every other streamer I’ve had in-barn by a wide margin.
My dCS Network Bridge allows my totaldac d1-seven to speak with great authority, clarity, and beauty.
The totaldac d1-streamer allows the d1-seven to speak with greater humanity.
If the d1-streamer is within your reach, grab it.”
 Michael Lavorgna,

The d1-streamer-mk2 has digital outputs exclusively, spdif and AES-EBU, so compatible with most DACs.
Your music can be stored in a NAS, in a computer connected to the network somewhere in your house (or in a USB disc connected to that computer), or the music can come from the Internet (streaming via Tidal, Qobuz or more, Internet radios, Youtube…).

Embedded reclocker interfaces:
-192KHz asynchronous Xmos USB, RCA, optical and AES-EBU digital inputs, selectable from a remote control.
-44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz, 176.4KHz and 192KHz, 16 to 24 bit formats supported on all inputs except 96KHz max for optical input.
-DSD (DoP standard) supported on the USB, AES-EBU and spdif inputs.
-AES-EBU and spdif (RCA or BNC) digital outputs, only one of these outputs must be used at the same time, except on special order.
-embedded custom clock with anti-jitter FIFO memory.
-bit perfect signal path.
-display switched off by remote control or automatic.
-external power supply to minimize the noise.
-aluminium and PMMA enclosure.
-power consumption 15W.
-dimensions: height 110mm, width 360mm, depth 290mm.
-power supply dimensions: height 65mm, width 122mm, depth 180mm.
-weight: 4kg.

Computer type interfaces:
-1 ethernet port.
-1 USB2 port as an audio output to the embedded reclocker.

compatible applications:
RoonReady (RAAT certified by Roon)
UPNP/DLNA/openhome, for example for Minimserver, Audirvana, Mconnect Player HD, BubbleUPNP, Spoticast
Airplay compatible, to listen to the sound of your Ipad/Iphone or from Itunes under Windows
NAA (Network Audio Adapter) for HQplayer
Squeezelite, compatible with Roon
Streaming such as Qobuz and Tidal via Roon or UPNP or Airplay or direct Spotify

Available options:
-volume control and DSD to pcm converter on special order.
-massive copper plate mounted inside the chassis.
-2 AES-EBU ouputs which can be used simultaneusly.
-silver massive aluminium front panel.
-115V or 100V or 128V power option.
-BNC coaxial digital input and output instead of RCA.



Back panel:

Inside, with copper plate option and silver front panel option:

Silver option:

User's guide

You can download the user’s guide here:

The new remote control supplied with the d1-streamer-mk2:

Thanks to these GPL or LGPL softwares:
– upmpdcli
– MinimServer
– MPd (Music Player Daemon)
– upmpdcli
– darkhttpd
– libelium Http server
– raat
– Avahi
– Shairport
– perl
– php
– udevd
– ssh
– cron
– kernel linux

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