Divin Sovereign

The flagship product Divin Sovereign sets the ultimate benchmark for high power subwoofers.

The Divin Sovereign subwoofer is the choice for the ultimate sub-bass reproduction. In order to achieve an absolute homogeneous coupling of the membrane surface to the air and therefore the best possible transmission of the membrane movement to the reproduction of air pressure differences, the subwoofer Divin Sovereign is equipped with a custom built Göbel® 18 inch long throw sub bass driver. The design of this Göbel® 18 inch long throw sub bass driver is based on absolute loss less behavior. Hereby any fine detail will be reproduced with maximum precision and dynamic.

The Divin Sovereign subwoofer is a closed chamber design. Therefore it combines from the outset an ideal impulse behavior, the best possible control and therefore the fastest possible bass response.

In order to create a non resonating enclosure without compromises we developed a constraint layer enclosure design with wall thicknesses up to 75mm and massive internal bracings. Hereby any fine sound details will be reproduced with maximum precision and will not be lost through cabinet vibrations.

Additionally, the Göbel® 18 inch long throw sub bass driver is symmetrically arranged in this closed chamber enclosure in order to bring the distortions level to the minimum possible.

The Divin Sovereign subwoofer comes with a build in 2.500 watt amplification as well as with a proprietary and powerful high end DSP engine and control unit made in Germany.

For the best possible user interface to adjust and control all parameters, the Divin Sovereign subwoofer comes with a proprietary WiFi Dongle in order to control and adjust the Divin Sovereign subwoofer with any WiFi devise. You do NOT need any other network units, the Wifi Dongle is creating it’s own network. After final adjusting you then can simply remove the Wifi dongle and nobody can mess around with your adjustments.

Featured Technologies

Lossless Subwoofer Drivers

In order to get an ideal impulse behavior and therefore the fastest possible bass response, we had to develop an incredibly fast and absolutely linear subwoofer driver for the Divin Sovereign subwoofer. The motor system is optimized to the maximum linearization of the magnet field in both directions of the extremely high excursion area, resulting in the lowest and smoothest possible harmonic distortion spectrum. Furthermore, all materials we use here are of unparalleled quality, making it possible to reach the minimum possible loss factors and the fastest impulse behavior. Only to sum up a few: Glasfiber voice coils, extremely lossless spiders and gaskets, extensive ventilation, extremely rigid paper/carbon fiber membrane, etc.

Ultra Rigid Sandwich Enclosure

The enclosure of the Divin Sovereign subwoofer is an absolute non-compromise design, where all our knowledge about material resonances was applied. Based on our bending wave technology, we certainly know exactly how to manage surface waves on enclosure materials so they don’t even start to arise. For the Divin Sovereign subwoofer enclosure we are using a combination of our proprietary constrain layer damping with multilayered tropical room proof materials together with an extreme amount of bracings in order to prevent any resonances. Through this up to 75 mm thick ultra rigid material combination we are also avoiding any energy saving effects. This results in an unbelievably uncolored sound reproduction with tremendous attack and speed in front of an absolute silent background.

Symmetrical Loaded Closed Chamber Enclosure

For the bass enclosure of our Divin Sovereign subwoofer we developed a special symmetrical closed enclosure alignment in order to further more refine the excellent distortion behavior. Through this symmetrical arrangement, the Göbel® 18 inch long throw sub bass driver is “seeing” a symmetrical load in the back, so the membrane don’t wobble even if the excursions are getting bigger. This unsymmetrical wobbling of the membranes is a big reason for rising distortions, as the voice coil hereby is also forced to wobble in the magnet field. We are completely minimizing this effect because of our symmetrical alignment.

Highest End Signal Processing

Furthermore it is very important to get control over the numerous resonances that always happen in all materials and material intersections. Our proprietary cable constructions and resonance control devises prevent those resonances right from the beginning. That is also the reason why we mill our own connector housings and strain reliefs out of a certain aluminum alloy and additionally equip them and the cables themselves with specific resonance control devises. We do all these efforts in order to get a controlled, broadband resonance pattern which quickly decay completely even over the entire frequency range. You will notice it in an ultra black and silent background with a perfectly arranged soundstage that is more natural than you ever experienced before. Additionally the localization of all single musical details in the room gets more sharper and more natural.

Powerful High End Amplifiers

For powering our Divin Sovereign subwoofer we specifically implemented a 2.500 Watt amplifier. This power amplifier is a special adapted Class H type with an extremely low output impedance. Through this, we reach a stunningly high damping factor and hereby the best possible control over the Göbel® 18 inch long throw sub bass driver. Additionally, we hereby also avoid influences through back EMI from the outset. All of this results in a bass reproduction with the best possible impulse behavior and maximum control, that you have never experienced before.

Technical Specifications


active and DSP controlled subwoofer in a closed chamber design


1 pcs. Göbel® High End proprietary long-throw subwoofer chassis (18 inch)


acoustically optimized, constrained-layer damping, with internal extensive bracings, tropical room proof, resin bounded composite board
with max. 75mm wall thickness

Standard finish

real piano lacquer black, aluminum parts in black ultra matt soft touch with silver brushed aluminum high lights.
Any finish is possible on customer request!

Total output power

2.500 Watt


1 pair XLR / 1 pair RCA / 1pcs. 12V trigger input / proprietary Wifi dongle / grounding WBT


1 pair XLR pass through / 1 pair RCA pass through

DSP adjustments

input gain / input channel selection and mixer / low pass filter with adjustable frequency, slope and filter characteristic / subsonic filter with adjustable frequency, slope and filter characteristic /
8 parametric EQ with adjustable frequency, gain and Q value / delay / phase / trigger input / watchdog on music signal / max input voltage / 4 complete adjustable filter presets

Frequency response

depending on the adjusted DSP filters from 10Hz – 200Hz


78cm (H) x 54cm / 44cm (W) x 60cm (D)


145 kg without packaging

Standard Finishes

back view

front view

Real piano lacquer black.
Aluminum parts in black ultra matt soft touch.
With silver aluminum brushed high lights.

All color finishes are possible on extra charge

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