The flagship product Epoque Aeon Baforce Controller sets the ultimate benchmark for active subwoofer crossovers / controllers.

The Epoque Aeon Baforce Controller is the choice for the ultimate sub-bass reproduction. In order to achieve the maximum sound quality, resolution and velocity without any losses, we designed our Epoque Aeon Baforce Controller completely analog. Our supreme design goal was not to hear the crossover / controller in the signal path.

Because of the completely symmetrical design, the Epoque Aeon Baforce Controller completely avoids interferences from the outset and hereby reaches an even higher sound quality.

The completely analog and symmetrical crossover / controller electronics are housed in a non-compromise enclosure which is milled out of a full block of a specific aluminum alloy. Hereby we get perfect control over EMI, heat dispersion, freedom from magnetic interfering fields and an ideal resonance behavior of the complete system.

The massively oversized discrete power supply always ensures absolute stable working conditions for the Epoque Aeon Baforce Controller at every level.

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