The outlet blade is a hybrid and highly durable specification with 0.3 micron palladium plating on top of 3 micron gold. A plating film thickness inspection card (10 pieces per lot, inspection card for each lot) is included to prove high quality.

There is also a cable ” KS-706W Andromeda ” that uses KS02 for the outlet .

Model name KP02

Specifications of KP02

product specifications

Applicable outer diameter of cable up to 15mm
Applicable wire diameter Maximum 2.0SQ
size Body length 53mm, diameter 38.5mm, total length 74.4mm
material Body Polycarbonate, Cord grip Nylon, Blade Copper alloy, Plating Gold base (24K gold) 3μ or more, Surface palladium 0.3μ or more, Others Plating film thickness inspection sheet included
Applicable wire Vinyl cabtyre round cord (VCTF) 3-core
rubber insulated cabtyre round cord (CTF) 3-core
600V Rubber insulated cabtyre round cord (VTF) 3-core0.75㎟, 1.25mm2, 2㎟Finished
outer diameter∅7 ~∅11Note: When using stranded wires, it is recommended to use crimp terminals.
We place importance on legal safety and use steel parts in some parts.
Equipment must be installed by qualified personnel and specialists.

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