Highest speed in same price range

Moderate hardness and flexibility, excellent handling KS-0: Medusa (KOJO TECHNOLOGY) cable is used, PSE-018V2HG is used for the outlet plug, and PSE-320HG (both made by aet) is used for the inlet plug.

Compared to the previous model KS-3 (Euryale), it is a monitor and high-resolution oriented model that has superior high-frequency reproduction capability and resolution, and delivers a clearer sound image than ever before . KOJO TECHNOLOY It can be said that this is the fastest model in the history of cables in the same price range, and in addition to having less unnecessary low frequencies (boomy feeling), it is a gem that has a contemporary musical cohesion in both sharpness and attack.

Model name KS-3II Euryale II

Specifications of KS-3II

product specifications

Rating 15A 125V
cable HVCTF 3×2SQ 20sq / 37 x0.26Φ / 3-core structure / outer diameter 8.4Φ
outlet plug PSE-018V2HG made by aet gold plated
inlet plug PSE-320HG made by aet gold plated

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