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PCOCC, which has contributed to the audio industry for a long time, has been discontinued, and there is a strong demand in the industry for copper wire as a new material. PC-TripleC
, which newly appeared as a material to replace PCOCC , surpassed the conventional one in both performance and sound quality, and was too sensational to be called a mere generational change.

The power cable (Andromeda: KS-706W) newly provided by KOJO TECHNOLOGY will be the successor to the KS-902 that has been supplied as part of the Perfection series (adopting PCOCC).

This KS-706W, which is similar but different: Andromeda, adopts AC-6000 (PC-Triple C) made by SAEC as the main cable. KOJO TECHNOLOGY’s original KP02 (Gold 3μ + Palladium 0.3μ) is used for the outlet plug, and FURUTECH’s FI-11-N1 (G) is used for the inlet plug. Furthermore, in order to strengthen noise suppression from the inside and outside, the outermost layer uses a 3M guard sleeve that has excellent shielding and grounding effects. The fusion of

these carefully selected parts, while maintaining the characteristics of the perfection series’ characteristic flat balance, not only creates an orderly sound field expression, but also attracts the emotional empathy of singers and players. He/she finished it in the gem which was full of expressions.

<PC-TripleC is a registered trademark of FCM Co., Ltd. and Promotion Works Co., Ltd. >
<PC-TripleC is an acoustic conductor of Patent No. 5871985. >

* KS-706W is 5,000 yen up for every 50cm.

Features of KS-706W (Andromeda)

strong points

  • Good separation of individual sounds, good at spatial expression
  • Thick yet precise
  • Attractive power in the mid-low range at high speed

Specifications of KS-706W (Andromeda)

product specifications

Rated voltage 15A 125V
outlet plug KP01 (KOJO TECHNOLOGY)
cable AC-6000 PC-TripleC (SAEC)
3.6sq 45 x 0.32φ 3-core structure
Outer diameter: 13φ
inlet plug FI-11-N1(G) (FURUTECH)

KOJO TECHNOLOGY original high-end outlet plug: Adopts KP02

As mentioned above, the outlet plug uses KP02, which was originally manufactured by KOJO TECHNOLOGY. It is a small production of 10 pieces per lot, and it is handmade one by one.
The receptacle blade, which is the contact part between conductors, is a hybrid and highly durable specification with 0.3 microns of palladium plating on top of 3 microns of gold.

*KP02 is also sold separately (fixed price: 19,000 yen).
* A plating film thickness inspection sheet is included to prove high quality.

Inlet plug: Adopts FI-11-N1 (G)

FURUTECH’s “FI-11-N1 (G)” is used for the inlet plug. Its high reliability promises a strong connection with the corresponding inlet.

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