PCOCC, which has contributed to the audio industry for a long time, has been discontinued, and there is a strong demand in the industry for copper wire as a new material. PC-TripleC
, which newly appeared as a material to replace PCOCC , surpassed the conventional one in both performance and sound quality, and was too sensational to be called a mere generational change.

KOJO TECHNOLOGY’s new power cable KS-707H: Perseus is the successor to KS-903: Perfection 3, which has adopted PCOCC-A as the main cable.

This KS-707H, which is similar but different: Perseus uses SAEC AC-7000 (PC-Triple C) as the main cable. KOJO TECHNOLOGY’s original KP01 (Palladium 0.2μ + Gold 5μ) is used for the outlet plug, and FURUTECH’s FI-11-N1 (R) for the inlet plug. Furthermore, in order to strengthen noise suppression from the inside and outside, the outermost layer uses a 3M guard sleeve that has excellent shielding and grounding effects. The fusion of these carefully selected parts beautifully reproduces the f-specific balance in terms of hearing, which is a feature of the Perfection series. If you give a specific characteristic to the sound quality tendency, it will become the character of the product, and while there are pros and

cons, KS-707H: Perseus has been commercialized with an exquisite balance.

Due to the excessive pursuit of spatial expression and realism, the sound lacks a sense of density and power. Excessive cool feeling due to Hifi orientation. A biased extension or excitement in the high or low range can destroy the balance of the reproduced sound.
KS-707H: Perseus has a perfect balance of these contradictory characteristics. It is an excellent work offered as a masterpiece of KOJO TECHNOLOGY.

<PC-TripleC is a registered trademark of FCM Co., Ltd. and Promotion Works Co., Ltd. >
<PC-TripleC is an acoustic conductor of Patent No. 5871985. >

* KS-707H is 6,000 yen up for every 50cm.

Features of KS-707H (Perseus)

strong points

  • Open and expansive, yet dense and dynamic
  • Cool yet presence, realistic texture
  • Supple and smooth while having a skeleton

Specifications of KS-707H (Perseus)

product specifications

Rated voltage 15A 125V
outlet plug KP01 (KOJO TECHNOLOGY)
cable AC-7000 PC-TripleC (SAEC)
5.5sq 68 x 0.32φ 3-core structure
Outer diameter: 15φ
inlet plug FI-11-N1(N) (FURUTECH)C

KOJO TECHNOLOGY original high-end outlet plug: Adopts KP01

The receptacle blade, which becomes the contact part between conductors, has a hybrid and extra-thick plating specification in which 0.2 microns of palladium is plated with 5 microns of gold.

*KP01 is also sold separately (fixed price: 21,000 yen).
* A plating film thickness inspection sheet is included to prove high quality.

Inlet plug: Adopts FI-11-N1 (R)

The inlet plug uses FURUTECH’s FI-11-N1 (R), which is a phosphor bronze material plated with rhodium.The high reliability promises a strong connection with the corresponding inlet.

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