Lacorde Statement Speaker

The flagship product Lacorde Statement Speaker sets the ultimate benchmark for loudspeaker cables

After a research time of over 10 years with thousands of listening hours of countless carefully evaluated variations and combinations of different conductor materials, conductor alloy materials, dielectric isolation materials, specific geometries, specific resonance control devices, cable treatments (cryogenic processing, heat processing, etc.), connectors, connection methods, etc., we developed our world wide unique benchmark cable series Lacorde Statement which is the best you will ever hear!

Our supreme reference cables of the Lacorde Statement series provide staggering, unprecedented levels of performance in any aspect and have the ability to connect you to the real recording place like no other cable in the world.

These new heights of realistic listening experiences are only possible through our own proprietary technologies that are explained below. Of course we also developed additional technologies on which all our cables of the Lacorde Statement series are based on. Only to name a few: The ideal conductor geometry, the ideal conductor dielectric, the prevention of electrostatic charging and the effects hereby, the optimal connector types, the ideal contact between the connector part and the conductor, etc.

One thing is without any doubt:
The most coherent and natural cables could only be developed and produced by a company that developed and produces the most coherent and natural loudspeaker – the Göbel Carbon Excellence Bending Wave loudspeaker!

Featured Technologies

Our Own Proprietary Conductor Alloy

During our research time we experimented with countless variations of conductor materials and conductor alloys in order to find the best conductor material possible. We ended up with our proprietary perfect conductor alloy which contains the ideal electrical conductivity. This special alloy is always the core element of all our Lacorde Statement cables. Every detail of your music will become unbelievably effortless and natural with the highest resolution and without any coloration.

Control Of The Skin Effects

Additionally performance relevant factors are the so called skin effects. Through these skin effects, the high frequencies flow near surfaces of the conductor, but middle and low frequencies flow oriented toward the center of the conductor. For a time coherent, natural and not artificially accentuated performance of the upper audio spectrum it’s elementarily important that all frequencies are transported equably. Another important aspect is to take care of the signal degradation that happens because of the direct contact between the dielectric material and the conductor. Especially if you look at the influences that occur because of the skin effects. Through our special geometry of the conductors and the dielectric materials we also get absolute control over these issues. You will hear every aspect of your music with a coherency and micro dynamic details that you never heard before.

Multiple Stranded Webbing Design

It is also very important to perfectly control and balance the relation of the inductance and capacity in a cable construction, so the cable is acting completely even over the whole frequency range. That is also a reason why all our cables consist out of multiple single isolated conductors made of our proprietary alloy with a proprietary diameter and a proprietary isolation material diameter. These single isolated conductors are arranged in a unique 3D webbing matrix which totally controls and balances these cable parameters. Additionally we hereby also get control over numerous of interfering field factors. You will notice it in an absolute natural music experience. No frequency range will be preferred. The music has a resolution, dynamic and speed that you never heard before. But it doesn’t get brighter because of the more dynamic, speed and resolution. It only gets natural!

Resonance Control

Finally it is essential to gain control over the numerous resonances that always occur in every material and material intersections. Our proprietary cable constructions and resonance control devises prevent these resonances right from the beginning. This is also the reason why we mill our own connector housings and strain reliefs out of a certain aluminum alloy and additionally equip them and the cables themselves with specific resonance control devises. We make all of these efforts in order to get a controlled, broadband and even resonance pattern which quickly decays over the entire frequency range. This leads to an ultra black and silent background with a perfectly arranged soundstage that is more natural than you ever experienced before. Last but not least, the localization of all single musical details in the room gets more precise and more natural.

Technical Specifications

Conductor material

High conductive and high purity special proprietary alloy


Pressed Teflon


Proprietary Göbel spade connectors out of high purity Tellurium copper and high purity silver. For the best possible contact pressure and therefore lowest possible transition resistance and long-term stability.


Multiple stranded design. Composition of special materials in order to avoid static electrification and also to avoid resonances and microphonic effects.


Standard length = 3 meter. The length could also be longer or shorter each 50 cm.

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