Phono Equalizer Amplifiers

-Phono Equalizer Amplifier, LCR-X2, basically designed by late Nobu Shishido uses the LCR element.

-u follower circuit generates low output impedance (140ohm) which prevents inductive noises.

-Separate power supply ensures the least magnetic noise from power transformer. As heater employs DC ignition system which prevents hum noise from the heater.

-Shield case for tubes reduce the noises from outside.

-Phono Equalizer Amplifier, LCR-X2, has enough gain of 38 db. It is possible to use a passive attenuator.

-Main chassis is precision machined from a 70mm thick solid block of aircraft aluminum and detailed with an aesthetic champagne-gold finish.

Power supply


Power transformer box


Product Specifications
Tube 6DJ8
Input Sensitivity Impedance MM 2.5mV/47k ohm
MC-1(high):40 ohm(20-80ohm)
MC-2(mid):10 ohm(5-20ohm)
MC-3(low):2.5 ohm(1.25-5ohm)
Output impedance level 140 ohm/1.6V(unbalanced)
Distortion rate MM: < 0.065% / 1V output
MC: < 0.1% / 1V output
S/N ratio MM:>80dB MC:>70dB
Power consumption 40W
Power supply 100,110,120,220,230,240
VAC 50-60Hz(selected when shipped) External dimensions
380Wx390Dx86H(mm) Weight
12kg(excluding power supply)

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