The Dream V16 is the latest, up to date, revision of our Dream cords. The difference between the Dream V12 and the Dream V16 is in proprietary pre-treatment of the conductive media, prior to assembly, and the shells and the tuning collars, and these changes are responsible for the superior V16 performance and enhanced musicality.

Ultra Dream V16 AC power cords are very thick (approximately 40mm in diameter – same thickness as the V12, but thicker, than the previous Dream and the Dream V10 cords), but still flexible.

Unlike the Dream and the Dream V10 cords, the Dream V16 conductive material is polished, double-insulated oxygen-free copper, without any plating of any kind, but treated with a proprietary liquid media (similar – but not the same as the famous C37 violin varnish).

The Dream V16 UNI is a user-configurable cord, with fine-tuning feature (tonality change by moving a special “magnetic field shorting” collar along the cable; the ferro-material is different in V16 version, compare to the previous versions).

The user is able to configure the Dream V16 UNI as Digital, or Wall /Preamp, or Power – by himself; the configuration custom machined screws for the Dream V16 come with the cord and are stored in a custom, genuine leather, made-to-size Velcro-closure collar-pouch, with two separate pockets for the two screws, that is supplied with the Dream V16 cords starting August 5, 2016.

Thus, there is only ONE type of the Dream V16 UNI cord – user (or dealer) configurable as Power, Digital, Wall or Preamp;

All three possible configurations of the Dream V16 UNI are shown on the picture below.

To reconfigure the Dream V16, simply unscrew the appropriate black or gold screw and screw in another screw – according to the legend on the carbon shell.

Both the wall plug and the IEC end are an integrated part of these cords – which helps the acclaimed excellent performance of the Dream cords, but creates a problem with changing the plugs. The Carbon fiber shells are permanently glued to the cords. Inside the shell, there is a precision machined colette, which mechanically holds the cord inside the shell, to prevent stressing the glued joint.

No dealer and no other cable making company (and certainly not a handy individual) can possibly replace or change a wall plug or an IEC receptacle on a STEALTH Dream AC cord (any revision). It is a complex and labor intensive procedure, and thus it can only be done here, in the USA, at our facility, by a specially trained technician. The only way is to cut the end completely off, re-strip the ends of individual wires, refill the cable core with Helium, seal it, and install a new plug.


The four types of Dream V16 STANDARD cords are similar, but NOT THE SAME: they have the same AC carrying multipath *** (multiple groups of wires, STEALTH proprietary configuration), but the ground layout and ground filtering is type-specific, and thus each Dream V16 cord (same as the Dream 10) has its type printed on its carbon shell, plus all four types are individually color-coded to avoid confusion.

  • Preamp (black with blue stripes) – for preamplifiers
  • Digital (black with gold stripes) – for digital gear (CD players and transports, digital processors and AD and DA converters, digital and class-D power amplifiers)
  • Power (black with FIVE silver stripes) – for analog power amplifiers, turntable motors
  • Wall (black with TWO silver stripes) – for AC power conditioners and AC power strips

There is no price difference between 15 Amps and 20 Amps IECs;

Both the American/Japanese and European (Schuko) wall plugs are priced the same;

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