The Dream Petite V16 loudspeaker cables is a smaller (3/4 size) version of our are our DREAM V16 speaker cables (relative sizes are show below: the Dream V16 with spade lugs is in the middle, and the Dream Petite V16 with banana plugs are left and right). It took over two years to develop the full Dream speaker cables, and then over a year to have the Dream Petite. Many prototypes have been made, and we listened to them extensively, but none of the earlier prototypes made it into beta testing – because none of them sounded sufficiently better than the Hybrid MLT…

As well as the full Dream, this one does.

There are two versions of the Dream Petite V16 loudspeaker cables: the standard V16, and the user-tunable V16-T. The ONLY difference between the two is the tuning collar*** on the V16-T version.

STEALTH tuning collars:

Based on numerous listening sessions with various equipment, a STEALTH “T” cable with a tuning collar in the optimum position, the overall result (sound) is better than with the cable without the collar, BUT – with the collar in incorrect position the sound is not as good as with a cable without the collar.

The best sounding tuning collar position is different for every two pieces of equipment which that cable connect, thus it is impossible to point at the same spot (location) of the collar, giving the same sound as without the collar.

Finding the best position of the collar is a lengthy process and requires some time and patience. Usually two people are needed (one is listening, and the other is moving the collar). It is even better to have several people, and listen together.

So, usually, an evening, or even entire day can be dedicated to finding the best collar position – for a particular audio system.

But the result is worth the effort!

In general, finding the best position of the sliding tuning collar on a STEALTH audio cable is similar in effect to finding the best position (location) of a pair of speakers in a room: an audio system sounds MUCH better if the position of the speakers in optimized, and the same audio system doesn’t sound good with wrong (incorrect) position of a pair of speakers in a room.

The Dream Petite V16 stereo set consists of two round cables – which are 31.75 mm (1 and 1/4 inch) in diameter. The cables split at the ends into positive and negative runs.

A simplified cross-section is shown below:

  • The outer layer of the Dream Petite V16 cable is made of 12 wire assemblies and 4 spacers (dividers);
  • Each wire assembly is approximately 6 mm (a bit smaller than 1/4 inch) in diameter, made of 8 individually insulated solid core wires in our proprietary non-resonant distributed LITZ configuration; two different thicknesses (gauges) of 99.99% pure solid core copper, and two different gauges of 99.997% pure solid core silver are used – per each wire assembly.
  • The wire assemblies are wrapped around a hollow, flexible para-vacuum* center multi-core (flexible Helium-filled tubing).
  • Three wire assemblies being run side-by-side create wire bundles (triple runs). Therefore, there are two wire bundles (triple runs) in each Dream Petite cable.
  • The two wire bundles (triple runs) are separated by two soft (foam) Teflon dividing runs (spacers).
  • The spacers have the same diameter as the wire assemblies, i.e. 6 mm (roughly 1/4 inch).
  • Using dividers dramatically reduces the overall cable capacitance and thus assures stability (non-oscillation) of any amplifier.


Suggested retail price for the STANDARD (non-tunable) Dream Petite V16 is $7,800 for a 2 meter pair, and $4,400 for each consecutive meter.

(1.5 and shorter pair of non-tunable Dream Petite V16 speaker cables is $6,800);

Suggested retail price for the USER TUNABLE Dream Petite V16-T is $8,300 for a 2 meter pair, and $4,400 for each consecutive meter.

(1.5 and shorter pair of the tunable Dream Petite V16-T speaker cables is $7,300);

bi-wiring for either V16 or V16-T adds $1,100 regardless of the length; tri-wiring adds $1,650

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