Dream V.18


The latest and greatest “continuation” of the Dream line is the Dream V18 – which offers improved conductors for the AC path, and a very significant improvement (audible and measurable) in its digital configuration, and replaces the Dream V16 (both UNI and standard).



Dream Universal

Dream Power

Dream Digital

Dream Pre Amplifier

Our UNI cords are user-configurable as Wal/Preamp. or Digital, or Power – via different positions of the screws. In the V18, it was replaced by “DIGITAL or ANALOG” – also configurable via screws in the UNI version.

Analog is made for amplifiers, pre amps, and DACS, its main design goal is to provide extremely low resistance and resonance-free ground path to the equipment, thus considerably improving the signal-to-noise ratio and the transparency of the audio reproduction.

For digital audiophile equipment, and/or units with switching power supplies, we have been recommending our special DIGITAL AC cords versions, with internal built-in filtering.

Please note that the standard Dream V.18 have Digital, Analog, and Universal configurations.

The Dream V.18 Special Editions have Digital, Power, and Pre amp configurations and are marked with “SE” on the carbon fiber shell.

Available in USA and Schuko plugs. Both the male plug and female IEC use solid silver contacts.



T – Select Dream Collar Rings

STEALTH T Select Tunable Collars are based on numerous listening sessions with various equipment, a STEALTH “T” cable with a tuning collar in the optimum position, the overall result (sound) is better than with the cable without the collar, BUT – with the collar in incorrect position the sound is not as good as with a cable without the collar. “T” stands for “tunable” – the sliding ferromagnetic collar allows to fine-tune the sound.

The best sounding tuning collar position is different for every two pieces of equipment which that cable connect, thus it is impossible to point at the same spot (location) of the collar, giving the same sound as without the collar. Finding the best position of the collar is a lengthy process and requires some time and patience. Usually two people are needed (one is listening, and the other is moving the collar).

It is even better to have several people, and listen together. So, usually, an evening, or even entire day can be dedicated to finding the best collar position – for a particular audio system. But the result is worth the effort!

In general, finding the best position of the sliding tuning collar on a STEALTH audio cable is similar in effect to finding the best position (location) of a pair of speakers in a room: an audio system sounds MUCH better if the position of the speakers in optimized, and the same audio system doesn’t sound good with wrong (incorrect) position of a pair of speakers in a room. Another possible analogy: focusing a photo lens.

The T Select tuning collars, for cables, have the same function as the focusing ring for a photo lens. Once a lens is in focus, it offers the sharpest image, while when a lens is out of focus, the image is blurred to some degree.

The T Select tunable collars are tested and matched to a suitable companion cable.

After a STEALTH cable (every cable) is made and complete, we test each cable on a proprietary machine, designed by our engineering team, and made at our facility especially for this purpose.

The cables get connected to terminals or both sides, and we twist and shake cables, imitating the regular use.

The machine is able to recognize and display (alert) even a short loss of connectivity and/or conductivity, even as short
as several microseconds.

We never supply cables that fail our testing to dealers and customers, we guarantee our products to be 100% reliable, and we stand behind our warranty with everything we have got.


Dream 20-20


For the Dream 20-20, Internally, the high conductivity of the ground path is achieved to boosting the effective cross-section of the Dream 20-20 to being better than the equivalent of 5 AWG. The (proven-effective, by over ten years) STEALTH distributed LITZ configuration is used to make sure it’s resonance-free from 5 Hz to 5 MegaHertz.

The Dream 20-20 features an extremely thick (almost an inch in diameter, ZERO effective AWG – which would be equivalent to a solid copper conductor of 10 mm in diameter, for the lowest electrical resistance up to very high frequencies – only 0.3 Ohms for 1,000 meters in length), but much more effective than solid, due to its complex anti-resonant geometry, internal ground path that creates a highly transparent path, for a common star-ground for the entire audio system, reducing the noise and improving subjective clarity of reproduced audio.

This goal was achieved with as many as 220 interweaved, individually insulated round conductors in the Dream 20-20 Because of their features, the Dream 20-20 even theoretically cannot be made either in Digital (internally filtered) or in the “UNI” configuration. The Dream 20-20 is specifically designed to take full advantage of high quality AC power strips and our upcoming full silver power distributor.

The Dream 20-20 – which is specifically designed to work best with our AC power strips (distribution units in solid carbon fibers enclosures – getting ready for production) and our (upcoming) AC power conditioner, and thus features an extremely thick and complex internal ground path (to much the much lower contact resistance of our plugs and wall sockets and IECs (which are 16 times – !!!!! – lower than standard contact resistance of sockets and plug make of brass or copper, with or without plating) – and thus the Dream 20-20 cannot be made in the “UNI” configuration – as of today.

Available in USA and Schuko plugs. Both the male plug and female IEC use solid silver contacts.

Dream 20-20 in USA Configuration

Dream 20-20 in Schuko Configuration

Dream 20-20 USA Plug

Dream 20-20 Schuko Plug

Dream 20-20 IEC 15 amp

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