LAN Isolator

The Pink Faun LAN isolator provides galvanic isolation between the device that is connected to the network and the network itself. This without loss of speed. Even devices that play from an internal HDD and only use the network for operating and updating the firmware benefit from the LAN isolator.

A network cable from the media player connected to an active modem/switch is a transmission hatch for high-frequency noise. With normal computer use such as e-mailing or surfing the internet, the high-frequency noise has no influence on the user experience. However, high-frequency noise that enters directly into the digital audio device through LAN is very undesirable. This influences purity in the high, which causes the space information to become blurred. The Pink Faun LAN isolator will ensure that the sound is less smudged, making details more audible, providing a better soundstage and a black background which in turn increases the dynamics in an audio system.

The Pink Faun LAN isolator can be used on any audio device connected to a LAN network, even when the network is not used to stream music. Once the audio device has been assigned with an IP address and is active, the LAN isolator has a positive effect on the overall sound quality.

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