Signature Powercord

– Hand Made
– High capacity for better HF filtering
– Non-inductive tin-plated extruded copper conductors with Teflon insulation
– 7-fold structure for flexible cable
– 7-fold shielding
– Furutech FI-50R connectors

The Signature Power Cable utilizes some of the basic features found in the more advanced Ultra Series. This cable is suitable for sources, as well as for power/integrated amps. The cable is based on the Pink Faun non-inductive tin-plated copper wires. The multiple windings of the cable ensure high capacity for better high frequency filtering. The 7-fold structure not only gives the Signature Power Cord a unique look and feel, it also makes the cable very flexible, and the power supply is not unnecessarily mechanically loaded. The cable is characterized by its natural appearance and gives a lot of tranquility and dynamics with an inky black background. Standard length is 120 cm. The Pink Faun Signature Power Cord features the special Furutech FI-50R Piezo ceramic carbon series connectors.

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