Line Preamplifier

PR-Z1 feature

-Following the success of the WAVAC Audio Lab control amplifier PR-T1, the new PR-Z1 control amplifier continues in the pursuit of natural sound.

-PR-Z1 is a tube preamplifier which gives you enjoyment of music and luxurious feeling of controls.

-PR-Z1 uses low-noise and highly reliable tubes to achieve better quality and high efficiency.

-Separate power supply ensures the least magnetic noise form a power transformer. As a heater employs DC ignition system, which prevents hum noise from the heater.

-Shield case for tubes reduces the noises from outside.

Power transformer box


Product Specifications
Input 3RCA 2XLR(Option:5RCA Input OK)
Input impedance RCA:75k ohm
XLR:75k ohm
Output 1RCA 1XLR
(Option:2RCA Output OK)
Output impedance RCA:10k ohm
XLR:10k ohm
Distortion rate under 0.5% / 5V Output
Frequency range 10Hz-80KHz
S/N ratio >95dB
Power consumption 60W
Power supply 100,110,120,220,230,240
VAC 50-60Hz
(selected when shipped)
External dimensions 460Wx4830Dx95H(mm)
Weight 17kg
(excluding power supply)

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