Revolutionary Resolution

You would be hard pressed to find a more competent preamplifier anyplace on this planet. This pretty much sums up the PRE G2 in a nutshell. As for what it is capable to do to and with music – words fail us. But fortunately not the knowing members of the press.

There are not that many things in this world you could justly qualify as being the optimum of their respective category. The epitome of what human beings can achieve with maximal effort at a given moment in time and space. To listen to or even own something falling in this category ranks among the more memorable experiences we can have on this earth. One can very well exist outside of the reality distortion field these things project. But there are many people who – once they had an epiphany like this – understandably prefer not to.


No Compromise Whatsoever

The PRE G2, our uber-reference preamplifier, is simply the richest source of pure sound imaginable. With maximum resolution and total freedom from coloration, rough- and fine-dynamical precision and stunning spatial accentuation, the PRE G2 reproduces music in all its natural texture and abundance.

Compromise is a concept foreign to the PRE G2. Benefitting from the fruits of our cutting-edge research and development, the Audionet engineers devised and tested every detail with painstaking accuracy. The circuitry concept is state-of-the-art, the standard of assembly is flawless, and every component was selected meticulously. As nothing else satisfies our requirements, we manufacture our own operation amplifiers, pulse transmitters and signal cables for the PRE G2.

The Volume is regulated with an electronic precision resistance network that linearizes in real time. Signal-carrying and controlling functions are optically separated. Input and output circuits are immune to negative influences from connected equipment. Thus the PRE G2 has re-defined the bounds of the possible. Noise, distortion and crosstalk are practically eliminated. All information is presented on a large display, every function is remotely controllable.

PRE G2, the definitive answer to the pre-amplifier question. Or, to say it in the words of Lukretius: Man can understand the nature of things.


Cream of the Crop

Every sound-critical point in the Pre G2 is fitted exclusively with the finest components available worldwide, many of which are custom-made for Audionet. The selected filter capacitors, for example, or the bulk of our high-audiograde electrolyte capacitors with a dielectric made of silk. We fit mica capacitors, insert selected high-voltage foil capacitors and use high-quality silver-gold alloys for our internal wiring.



The double mono set-up guarantees complete channel separation. SMD miniature technology optimizes the high frequency properties, and the magnetically and capacity-optimized chassis and circuit prevents interference. Controlling and signal processing units are optically decoupled to prevent feedback on the source signal. That no electromechanical elements were used underlines the pains taken to leave the music signal as untouched as possible. The volume is regulated by electronically switched precision resistors. The chassis is non-sensitive to microphonic effects.

Every channel has a dedicated encased 100 VA toroid core transformer, two special audio capacitors with 41,000 uF and fast, discrete regulators to ensure a stable supply voltage. Additionally the voltage is smoothed locally by 12 discrete regulators to each channel. The control unit has its own power supply.

All operational amplifiers in the signal path are discrete and optimized. The 10 operational amplifier modules have a gain-bandwidth product of 1.5 GHz. The input operational amplifiers have almost infinite input impedance and a constant capacity. As a result, they do not load the signal source.

The signal and ground of the inputs are switched via gold-coated precision relays. The output operational amplifiers are class-A amplifiers with high bias current and are non-sensitive to power amplifier reflux.



A microprocessor controls and regulates all functions and informs the user via a dimmable display. The inputs can be named, and different input signal levels corrected. Other devices can be switched on via Audionet link. All functions can be controlled remotely. Source signals containing DC components can be compensated for.



Microprocessor-controlled reference preamplifier.


Special Features

  • Chassis and circuit design magnetically and capacitively optimized
  • Double mono construction
  • Controlling and signal processing units are optically decoupled
  • Electronically switched, real time linearised high precision resistor network for volume and balance
  • Completely DC-coupled, no capacitors in the signal path
  • Two individual encapsulated 100 VA toroid core transformer
  • Special audio capacitors with together 164.000 µF capacity
  • Input buffer with a virtual infinite input impedance
  • Extra power supply for the control unit
  • Discrete realized Audionet output drivers
  • Home cinema mode for home cinema integration
  • Chassis insensitive against microphonic effects (made of massive aluminium)
  • Remote activation over Audionet Link (optical waveguide)
  • Mains phase recognition
  • Audionet Metal Remote Control RC 1


In- and Outputs

Inputs: 5 pair Furutech RCA line, gold-plated
1 pair XLR symmetric, gold-plated
Outputs: 1 pair Furutech RCA line, gold-plated
1 pair Furutech RCA inverting, gold-plated
2 pair XLR symmetric, gold-plated
1 pair Furutech RCA Monitor, gold-plated
Additional earth connection: 1 screw, gold-plated


Technical Data

Frequency range: 0 – 2.000.000 Hz (- 3 dB), DC-coupled
2 – 2.000.000 Hz (-3 dB), AC-coupled
SNR: > 120 dB
THD + N: < -102 dB for 20 kHz (df: 0 – 80 kHz) < -114 dB for 1 kHz (df: 0 – 20 kHz)
Output impedance: 22 ohms
Output current: max. 60 mA
Mains: 120 V or 230 V, 50…60 Hz
Power consumption: max. 50 W
Dimensions: width 430 mm
height 140 mm
depth 420 mm
Weight: 15 kg


Front panel: Brushed aluminium, black anodized, light grey printing
Brushed aluminium, silver anodized, black printing
Display: Red or blue
Cover and sides: Brushed aluminum, black anodized
Chassis: Sheet-steel, black varnished



“Big, bold harmonious texture…exceptional amplifiers!”

THE ABSOLUTE SOUND loves our Audionet PRE G2 and gave him the TAS EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD 2018. We’re humbled, again.


The Absolute Sound 1/2018

“At this point in my audio journey, after some 45 years of beeing involved at virtually every level of high-end audio (I was selling stereo gear before I could legally drive a car), I find that this Audionet combination represents one of the highest ratios of performance to price I’ve yet encountered, exemplifying the role of the proverbial ‘Giant Killer’. If the ultimate goal in this industry is to create products capable of engaging the listener so completely that we become transfixed by an entirely fabricated deception, unaware that the time and space of the events unfolding before us are merely auditory illusions generated by a complex reconstruction engine, a conglomeration of electro-mechanical devices, then Audionet has earned its place among the handful of manufacturers pushing the limits. I urge you not to part with a dime until you seek out and hear what the PRE G2 and MAX can do.”



“More soul! Top to bottom. This is the first time I’ve ever heard a KEF Blade – disappear. Any given day I would chose one.”


Positive Feedback

Together with PAM G2/EPX and MAX
“The PRE G2 and MAX monos were exceptionally transparent, the audio quality that I prize most highly. […] In this case, however, the sound of the Audionet was a revelation of the surprising clarity of this preamp and amp in tandem, right out of the gate. This sort of thing is rare. […] The Audionet system fed with any of our sources is lightning fast! It handles fast transitions in dynamics and sudden changes in musical texture with aplomb, never hesitating over the instantaneous delivery of a musical moment. […] LPs, SACDs, and DSD excel so very noticeably in making a solid room go away, with the far wall vanishing. The very best systems produce a holographic effect here, and the Audionet gear was right in the very top rank. […] Make no mistake about it: This is an exceptional result.

I am now about nine months into my time with the Audionet system. The PRE G2, PAM G2/EPX, and the MAX monoblocks have been in continuous service throughout that time, and have had megatons of music run through them. […] First of all, I can say that Audionet is handsome gear. Its classic look and feel have worn well here, with many visitors commenting on the excellent of its appearance. […] Second, Audionet has been flawless in operation, and stable as a rock. I am very careful to follow recommendations about power sequences, cabling, operating temperatures, and so on, but still, with all of the extraordinary reference-level demands that we have put on the Audionet gear, there has not been a single failure. Third, and related to my second point, Audionet is intelligent. The sophisticated systems monitoring and signaling via its display screens have allowed me to debug two error conditions that had to do with cabling. The smart system self-monitoring is a real boon to help its owner find or prevent problems with power, phase, overheating, DC offset, and so on. Some gear notifies you of “Uh-oh!” by blowing itself/other components to kingdom come. Not Audionet. […] Fourth, Audionet is, in relative terms within the rarified world of high-end audio, affordable. I realize that many audiophiles do not invest in systems in this price range, but I consider the Audionet system evaluated here to represent real value at its price points (see below). No, it is not cheap, but neither is it in the genuinely stratospheric price range, either. We live in the days of audio systems that approach the million dollar level, after all. To get real world-class performance without compromise at these prices is quite a feat. I salute Audionet for surprising me here. […] Fifth, and most importantly, Audionet is beautiful to hear. There are only a few systems with this exceptional balance of audio virtues, without some trade-offs here and there. You can have transparency…and musicality. Detail…without glare or forwardness of presentation. Soundstaging and precise imaging…without qualification. Dynamics…without footnotes. […] Audionet will show you what is possible in the latest generation of high-end audio electronics. DSD, SACD, LP … all will shine in glory via Audionet.”


Area DVD

“The three adjectives ‘easy’, ‘airy’ and ‘fleet-footed’ don’t describe a new pizza dough, but characterize the high frequency reproduction of the test equipment in the best way. […] Although the required clarity, fine design as well as sound transparency provide best performances and bring unimaginable musical details to life, no inappropriate aggressiveness disturbs the connection between men and technology. Even in the mid-range, the highly precise rendition proves to be a source of pleasure of the special sort. Due to the already described characteristics regarding the tonal balance and the fast modelling result a sound reproduction of realistic physical existence with impressive detail depth. To put it in a nutshell, one can certify without exception best performances to the bass representation, where in each aspect of rendition absolute benchmarks are set.”


Sound Magazine Greece

In combination with AMP II MAX:
“Rapidness, power and control create a rock-solid bass range without any limitation or over-reaction. A bass extremely close to reality with excellent plasticity… This irresistible bass is overthrowing.
All things considered here we have a pre-/poweramplifier combination with unexhaustible power, that drives even the most critical loudspeakers beyond their limits. In other words: These devices are made for playing numberless hours of music without tiring or boring the listener…”


Stereo Germany

“The sparse group of the super-preamplifier has a new shooting star as member. I have never heard a better preamplifier from Germany. And actually no better one at all. His frankness and dynamic directness make him a hot tip: Three stars!”

Excellent ***, Top reference


HiFi & Records Germany

“After the outstanding power amplifiers AMP II MAX one thought a lot of the preamplifiers. But the PRE G2 exceeded all expectations. Measurements on worldclass level go hand in hand with a maximum of openness, powerful performance and overwhelming rich details. Connected unsymmetrically, this preamplifier captures a special position. Even when connected via XLR he is one of the very best.”


Image HiFi Germany

“[…] the big Audionet preamplifier is so heavy, ultra-stable and opulently equipped, that only speaker terminals are missing to use him as main amplifier. The sound of the device does not provide criticism a target. My music choice was repaid with a flood of details that makes a sense of magic. Voices and instruments are located holographic-like. No little detail can escape. The scene is ruled perfectly. I recommend you a substantial listening test, if highest neutrality and spatial and tonal resolution are the most important things for you. Also the used materials and the finish are – as usual – beyond any doubt.”



“[…] Strength paired with perfect control; Actio and Reactio as if Isaac Newton himself had created the components. […] Unquantifiable sensual enjoyment opening a cosmos of sound colours and facets; speed paired with control. Audionet products are not mere interpreters; they portray the truth, transporting emotions without detours, stages or bows. […] A new reference has been established.”


HiFi-Test designedition

“Those at Audionet have developed a perfect understanding of their craft, producing preamplifiers and monos which produce readings amounting to the best product which man can buy. Audionet products are distinguished by an exceptional level of precision; music is not played, but brought to life.”

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