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Since 1997, the predecessor model, the multi-award-winning SAM was held by those in the know as a true exception amongst audiophile integrated amplifiers. To improve the already good, we have now bundled all the insights and experience gained from over 10 years of audiophile development work in the new High Performance SAM G2. Everything came under scrutiny, from the concept to the last detail.

Words can hardly convey what the new SAM G2 is capable of achieving. With a spacious yet subtle sound, it plays transparently and spatially, sleekly and most powerfully. Reproducing every single note naturally and effortlessly. The new SAM G2 is even more committed and passionate than its predecessor. Indeed, its richness of information and tone, power and authority as well as its musical coherence has audiophile critics clapping their writing hands everywhere on the globe.

The new SAM G2 combines excellent performance and unmatchable sound properties with exceptionally compact dimensions. Such quality is scarce on the market, making our device ideally suited for domestic use and tonally convincing musical reproduction. The SAM G2 masters all the tasks set to it with dedication, captivating its listeners with breathtaking authenticity. Its sound is characterized by speed, purpose and honesty, yet at the same time is full of charm, finesse and the utmost care to detail. With its catching enthusiasm, this lively device produces a surprisingly realistic sound experience.


New Design

Entirely new is the design, with the clear, unflappable and classical form of the Audionet 4-key medium format with high-quality materials and finely detailed features. SAM G2 comes either with a silver or black front panel and a red or blue display. Additionally, you can extend the SAM G2 with our high-quality phono preamplifier board for MM and MC pick-ups.

Six inputs, one of which is symmetrical, two switchable pre-stage outputs for end stages, subwoofers or recording devices etc, of which one is controlled, the other a fixed by-pass module for integration in a home cinema system. A switchable headphone output, automatic mains phase recognition and Audionet Link remote switching as well as its large display make the new SAM G2 a comfortable allrounder leaving no wishes unfulfilled.



The complex SAM G2 circuitry is complex, technically unique and radically realized. The input signals are received from gilded, Teflon isolated cinch jacks and then led further via gold-doped pure silver solid core signal cabling and gold-contacted double anchor precision relays, which switch the input signals. The symmetrical input signals are divided into channels beforehand.

The mains supply is extremely potent and very fast. This is guaranteed by a capped and fused 700 VA toroidal transformer, selected main capacitors with a total of 96.000 μF filtering capacity, a specially developed input filter and highly pure silver cabling as well as a capacitively optimized layout with the shortest of supply routes. Working stress is smoothed and stabilized by fast-working, discreet, local degenerated pre-regulators.

As with all our mono and stereo end stages, we have also developed our ultra-linear amplifier concepts further in the new SAM G2. The circuitry is designed for exemplary distortion-freedom, speed and stability. The SAM G2 is conceived so that the two channels can work as independently of each other as is possible. Influences from the amplifier which could damage the sound have been almost entirely excluded, guaranteeing exemplary reproduction stability.

We use only the best materials, carefully selected, high-grade components such as High Audiograde electrolytic capacitors, with a silk dielectric; high-quality, close-tolerance film impulse capacitors and high-quality silver / gold yaw for internal cabling.



The SAM G2 is controlled via a high-performance flash microcontroller. Software upgrades are very easy. The controller makes for simple operation, comfortable functions and reassuring stability. The control programme enables operator-friendly access to comprehensive and practice-oriented functions. For example, the two pre-stage outputs and headphones output can be switched electronically. A by-pass mode is available for smart integration of the new SAM G2 into a home cinema system.

The inputs are freely nameable and the controller even verifies that the mains connection is phase correct. Moreover, the controller monitors all operating states and deactivates the device as soon as a critical state has been identified. A large graphical-capable display with max. 4 x 26 characters informs the operator of all operating states and settings. The SAM G2 is equipped with AudionetLink as a matter of course. This enables the isolated activation of other Audionet devices via fibre-optics.



Microprocessor controlled integrated amplifier.


Special Features

  • Audionet ULA-Technologie (Ultra Linear Amplifier)
  • Completely DC-coupled, no capacitors in the signal path
  • Toroid transformer with 700 VA
  • 8 impulse-stable high-current capacitors with filtering capacitance totalling 96,000 μF
  • Separate power supplies for digital and analog section
  • Gold-doped, pure silver, solid core signal cabling
  • Home cinema mode for home cinema integration
  • Microprocessor with its own power supply controls and handles all functions
  • Remote activation of other Audionet component via Audionet Link (optical fiber)
  • Headphones output electronically switchable
  • Automatic mains phase detection
  • Audionet Metal Remote Control RC 1


In- and Outputs

Audio inputs: 5 pair RCA line, gold-plated, teflon insulated
1 pair XLR balanced, gold-plated
Audio outputs: 1 pair RCA, gold-plated, teflon insulated (Pre-Out)
1 pair RCA , gold-plated, teflon insulated (Rec-Out)
6,3 mm jack plug for headphone (switchable)
Loudspeaker outputs: 2 pair Furutech Rhodium 4mm-jacks
Remote activation: 1 Audionet Link (out), optical


Technical Data

Output: 110 Watt into 8 Ohm
200 Watt into 4 Ohm
Filtering capacity: 96,000 μF
Frequency Response: 0 – 500,000 Hz (- 3 dB)
Damping Factor: > 1,000 at 100 Hz
Channel Separation: > 93 dB @ 1 kHz
Harmonic Spectrum: k2 typ. -101 dB, @1kHz, 25 W/4 Ohm
k3 typ. -106 dB, @1kHz, 25 W/4 Ohm
THD + N: < -100 dB @1kHz, 25 W/4 Ohm
SNR: > 103 dB (A-weighted)
Input Impedance: Line-input: 10 kOhm, 150 pF
XLR-input: 3 kOhm, 170 pF
Power Consumption: < 1 W stand-by, max. 700 W
Mains connection: 220…240 V / 50…60 Hz or 110…120 V / 50…60 Hz
Dimensions: width 430 mm
height 110 mm
depth 360 mm
Weight: 15 kg


Front panel: Brushed aluminium, black anodized, light grey printing
Brushed aluminium, silver anodized, black printing
Display: Red or blue
Cover: Brushed aluminium, 4 mm, black anodised
Sides: Brushed aluminium, 8 mm, black anodised
Chassis: Sheet steel, black varnished


Press comments on SAM G2

Video, Domácí, Kino Czech Republic

“The integrated amplifier Audionet SAM G2 is a consequently build analogue hifi-amplifier, with contemporary design and a perfect sound reproduction.

Sound: 100%
Configuration: 95%
Handling: 95%


Stereo Germany

“And then something very rare happens: the composition begins to ‘float’, the music comes alive and can truly be experienced. The high-technology of the unit is forgotten, disappearing in a mist of pure naturality. […] There is no question about it: the SAM G2 is top notch heavyweight; champion of all the price classes.”

“With the addition G2 to its name, this unit numbers amongst the most tonal amplifiers on the market. […] Above all good characteristics is its impressive tonal quality, especially the enormous degree of musicality. The performance of the SAM G2 leaves no-one untouched; its strength of expression reminds us of significantly more
expensive amplifiers. The SAM G2 is’s must-beat unit.” Germany

“Exceptional strength and generosity in all areas are paired with exceptional definition and subtlety. When playing challenging music, the SAM G2 makes an almost Olympian impression. […] Audionet’s SAM G2 is true audiophile bargain. […] one day it will become a classic”


Press comments on the predecessor SAM V2

What HiFi England

“This is an impressing product, one of the best constructed amplifier we have ever seen. […] Only few rivals can reproduce deep frequencies with such control and resolution. […] it is the articulation and the rapidness, that points out the SAM in this section. […] Audionet’s SAM is a deeply impressing main amplifier.”


Audioart Taiwan

“Best recommended.”


Av Extreme Greece

“A state-of-the-art amplifier. […] It is really unique.”


Audiophile Germany



HiFi Choice England

“The projected image is velvet-gloved power. Which is no idle boast. Inside is a 700VA mains transformer with separate output for pre and power sections. The latter produces 110 watts into eight ohms and 200 watts into four ohms.”


Stereo Germany

“It is not only the power of his obviously existing muscles, but his nonchalance: Extremely relaxed he reproduced every kind of music. His domain is the reproduction of voices: So much melodiousness and timbre normally must be searched with magnifying glasses. […] A shining example how engineer skill and outstanding sound can be combined. Really a great amp!
Excellent * * * *


Image HiFi Germany

“The truth must be told: SAM is the best main amplifier I have ever heard. I admire most the rare combination of unlimited information flow and the missing of any kind of wiryness. Using SAM, music is more than the sum of all music parts.”


HiFi Video Test Netherlands

“[…] a buy for a whole life!”


HiFi Test Germany

“What is High End? When the neckhair stands on end when listening to music and when even after hours of listening no considerable criticism can be found? Or when you find yourself sitting appreciative on a chair and playing nearly the whole stock of test CDs? […] However, this all happened to me. Music pleasure at its best.
Result: 1+ Reference class


Extrmee Audio Video Greece

“[…] SAM’s main property is to be conspicuous by his absence. It is extremely hard to find any criticism. On the contrary. The list of positive impressions is nearly infinite. […] Without a doubt SAM is a reference system.”

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