Get grounded

Get grounded

Below is a Pinnacle 8 Installation with Goebel, Audionet, Totaldac, Cec, Taiko, Ayra, Wellfloat, Torus.SGS

SGS are a small company located in Scotland. We have been quietly researching and developing grounding technology for the past 5 years. In a soft launch in 2017 we the brought SGS1 Signature to the market. The SGS1 Signature is the smaller more affordable device yet punches way above its weight, rewarding the listener with a sense of ease and musical flow whilst uncovering numerous additional dimensions for the listener, ultimately delivering a deeper clarity of sound. Expressions such a ‘lowering of the noise floor’ ‘expansion of the sound scape’ and ‘increased nuances and timbre of the instruments’ are some of the testaments being given by SGS clients.

Jump a few years on, and we at SGS have continued to develop our portfolio. Bringing the latest in technology of grounding to market, and with Zebrano Signature Plus and latest new Pinnacle Range, with an
unique new D.C. input. Each model has its own blend of carefully selected materials (such as Cardas and Mundorf) with only the finest quality being selected for each model.

The SGS team focus on use of natural materials, it is this combination of these unique qualities that are testament to both the performance and aesthetics of each device.

Tourmaline is not used nor a mixture of crystal or metal bars in any of the devices. Instead, main solid cores and a damping ballast is at the heart. Encased in a hand-crafted unit by a master craftmanship. Individuality, quality, authentic and extreme musicality is the mantra we use in our work. Bespoke design in types of woods and finishes can be requested.

These devices are not voodoo or snake oil. There has been hours and years of research and development to bring a device that is as necessary as a preamplifier to market. These grounding devices declutters the ‘unwanted noise’ from all systems. A point to reference is, that what the device is placed on is important, just as important as with a preamplifier and what cables being used. Speaking about cables, the SGS1 Signature, the Zebrano Signature Plus along with the Pinnacle Range are all supplied with tailor made cables, ranging from the Braeriach 2.5mm, the Ben Macdui 3mm and the Ben Nevis 5mm, all making a reference to the highest mountains of Scotland. (longer lengths with various connectors can be made on request)

As we move from the signature to the Zebrano and in particular the Pinnacle range, the comparison can only be likened to comparing loudspeaker brands, for example, moving from a larger bookcase model, to a floor stander whilst the Pinnacle device is the statement piece of the larger floor S.O.T.A. brands. Each model is a significant step change, and simply gives you considerably more, delivering a deeper clarity of sound, layer upon layer of dimensions not apparent before, it really is hearing is believing, “a suspension of disbelief”. Most noticeable is how involving they bring the listener to experiencing new nuances, that were before buried. Many of our clients have commented on rediscovering favourite albums as if hearing for the first time, likening to listening to a new system entirely.

On receipt of your first SGS model, we recommend, unpacking and placing the device near your ancillaries. Starting with connecting the supplied cable to a spare RCA terminal on your DAC/ Streamer etc via the pure copper laboratory clip. This would be a signal ground connection. After a few hours or days of listening to allow the device to acclimatise, you can disconnect from the RCA and try connecting to the chassis of the chosen ancillary either directly via the laboratory clip or by unscrewing a chassis screw slightly so you are able to clip over the head of the screw. The chosen heavy-duty copper laboratory clip then ensures the correct choice being either signal or chassis ground, depending on your system.

Simply the SGS delivers authenticity both in craftmanship and more importantly to your listening experience.

  • All of our products are usually made to order ,however we may have stock in , please email for update,Order times vary according to workload so please enquire for an accurate timescale.
  • We provide full support and back up assistance in setting up our S.G.S, as we have infinite knowledge of each individual item and can offer advice by email, phone etc.


To obtain better sound quality by improving audio signal’s grounding and mains earthing performance of audio equipment. The SGS can deeply absorb unwanted noise out allowing for the noise floor to be lowered. Noise such as Electrostatic discharge ( ESD ) , Radio frequency interference ( RFI ) and Electromagnetic interference ( EMI ) as well as High frequency noise, thus releasing hidden audio details which were being covered by the noise before.

Overall dynamic expression, three dimensional soundstage, background darkness, density, vocal smoothness, instruments separation, space hierarchy, clarity and transparency and  in particular timbre.

Suitable for any audio equipment, including conventional hi-fi, home theatre , desktop audio to ultra high end audio systems.
PLUG & PLAY – By using our multi – purpose connection cable SGS1 ( 1 metre included ) connect the SGS to a negative signal grounding point like a RCA/XLR socket, chassis screw . For mains connection, please use our dedicated mains connection cable SGS1M (optional). If using RCA or XLR please use our RCA1 or XLR1 connection cable (optional). If you require USB A or Ethernet, please just ask .

After extensively listening to numerous cables we decided to make ours in house as the preferred choice ,Yes the ground cable geometry do very much matter, these use cotton inner and outer dielectric for zero static interference, please advise configuration as above. No returns on Orders made to customers specification.



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