3 Amps of musicality

Ranging from 5 to 24 V, this small package carries a big punch



Here’s where it comes from…


A well designed circuitry, smart PCB design, grade A components, a sturdy aluminium housing and the drive to bring out something special in any sound system make up for a nifty and potent supercapacitor linear power supply with a very small footprint that will find a place in even the smallest of environments.


There is more to it!

It’s not a case of throwing in some premium components and expect instant succes. They need to work in harmony to get an optimal result. It all starts with a clear concept of goals, how to achieve them, and painstaking testing: by measurements and by many hours of listening.

Anatomy of your Super3 Power Supply

What makes the Super3 stand out from the others

Hf Pi-filter smoothing section

Low ESR capacitors and Hf common mode choke filtering reduce ripple and Hf noise from mains and rectifiers. In total there are 6 pi-filter sections in a Super3 to reduce Hf noise to a minimum before and after regulation. Low frequency noise (ripple) is fully eliminated by the double regulation and supercapacitors.

Gold plated fuse holder

The quality of the fuse holder should match the quality of an audiophile fuse. Even with a standard fuse gold plated contacts will conduct better

Super Capacitor Power Bank

Supercaps tuned to the voltage of the power supply provide a capacitance of 1F (1.000.000uF) to 3.3F (3.300.000uF), depending on voltage. This bank acts like a virtual battery, supplying the final low noise regulation a total stable clean input power.

Custom wound transformer

Casted triple shielded mil-spec high-inductance transformer for high supply duty cycle (and low rectification noise) and very low AC leakage current.

Voltage change service

Depending on the initial output voltage from your power supply, we can change the output voltage in our workshop. Since each supply is fully optimized to its specific voltage, both the supercap module and mains transformer need to be replaced for this change.

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