TA-805m was developed to commemorate the start of TANGO license production by WAVAC Audio Lab.

WAVAC Audio Lab components are designed to convey emotion, not merely sound, and to provide an aesthetic beauty to match the sonic performance.

Based on our MD-805m, by making the transformer to TANGO specifications of the highest grade, it has become a more sophisticated sound making.

Among our products line, TA-805m became an amplifier that can express more delicate sounds

You can feel the realism, depth of sound, and sound of width that TA-805m produce and you will find yourself in your own concert hall.

TA-805m is also finished with the amplifier most suitable for the live recorded sound source.

Main Feature:

-TA-805m amplifier with TANGO transformer specification based on the well-established predecessor MD-805m.

-Like its predecessor, the TA-805m mono-block uses a direct heat triode 805 output tube to produce a 50 W single-ended triode output of class A.

-The special adaptation of the IITC circuit using the triode wired KT-88 driver provides a great deal of authority over the audio bandwidth, using the subtle flavors of the best single-ended triode amplifiers.

-The direct coupling or transformer coupling between stages eliminates the need for capacitors from the signal path. Therefore, without losing the sound quality, a wide dynamic range is secured, and the accurate sound signal from that source is reproduced.

-Chassis features a 10mm aluminum top plate for aesthetics and a thick, massive foundation for attaching components to optimize sound. The design offers the luxury aesthetics similar to the EC/HE series.

-Hum noise and noise are minimized by an AC mains input filter, multi-element π filter, and a well-filtered DC filament power supply.

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