The machine:

Even more subtle. Even more trans­parent. With an even bigger soundstage and a force beyond equal. WATT makes another quantum leap from the celebrated perfor­mance of our audio­phile amplifier SAM onto another level. Whoever wants the ulti­mate in a single machine – WATT’s your choice. From this day on.

The science:

Special features WATT

  • Massive aluminium body and resonance-optimized fixation with invisible screws.
  • Magneti­cally and capactively optimized circuit and device design, shortest signal paths.
  • Double-mono design for maximum channel separation.
  • Electronic volume control with high audio grade components.
  • Non-disen­gageable DC servo, no sound degrading capa­citors or coils in the signal path.
  • ULA technology (Ultra Linear Amplifier).
  • Separated power supply for control and analog sections.
  • Two separated power supplies for driver stage and power stage of amplifiers.
  • One encapsulated 50 VA toroid transformer with separated windings for input and driver stage.
  • Two encapsulated 700 VA toroid transformers for the power stage.
  • Total capacitance more than 200.000 µF.
  • Consequent double-mono design of phono module for MM and MC pickups, setup by user menu.
  • Internal wiring with gold-doped pure silver cables.
  • Rhodium speaker terminals by Furutech.
  • Rhodium fuse.
  • By-pass mode for integration into home cinema systems.
  • Microprocessor with separate power supply – controls and monitors all functions and informs the user via dimmable display.
  • 2 Audionet Link outputs to control further Audionet devices remotely.
  • Switchable headphones output driven by power stage.
  • Dedicated WATT/PLANCK Audionet metal remote control in matching color.

The science:

Special features PLANCK

  • Top loader, decoupling aluminium and slate body construction.
  • Massive aluminium body, resonance-optimized fixation with invisible screws and Teflon bedded massive disc drawer cover made of 10 mm aluminium.
  • Additional decoupling of the drive unit, PCBs and high precision clock generator by Audionet Aligned Resonance Technology.
  • Reference drive unit CD-PRO 2LF on 8 mm Aluminium base.
  • Adaptive high precision puck and puck mounting made of POM, toroid Neodym magnet.
  • Completely separated power supplies for pickup and converter unit, digital and analog section.
  • Completely DC-coupled, no capacitor in the signal path.
  • Newly developed discrete output modules with extremely fast, wide-band high-performance Class A output drivers.
  • Current-Voltage converter with absolutely temperature stable and sound neutral high-precision resistors and with custom made mica capacitors of highest grade for internal frequency compensation.
  • D/A converter function with separate and user-selectable digital inputs: SPDIF electrical (Cinch) and optical (Toslink) as well as USB Audio 2.0 (USB type B socket).
  • All digital inputs up to 192 kHz / 24 bit.
  • Digital outputs SPDIF (electrical and optical) and AES/EBU output 44.1 KHz / 16 bit (for CD).
  • Disengageable digital outputs.
  • Remote power on/off via Audionet Link (optical cable).
  • Professional concept of operations.
  • Rhodium fuse.
  • Dedicated WATT/PLANCK Audionet metal remote control in matching color.



Analog integrated stereo amplifier.


Special Features

  • Double mono setup of input, volume control and power amplifier section as well as power supply.
  • Separate power supply for digital and analog sections.
  • Non-disen­gageable DC servo, no capacitors in the signal path.
  • By-Pass function (e.g. for integration into home cinema systems).
  • Audionet Link output for remote control of other Audionet components.
  • Switchable headphones output.
  • Dedicated WATT/PLANCK Audionet metal remote control in matching color (included).


In- and Outputs

Inputs: 3 pairs RCA line, gold plated, Teflon insulted
1 pair XLR balanced, gold plated (Neutrik)
Outputs: 2 pair Furutech 4 mm-jacks, Rhodium
1 pair RCA, gold-plated, Teflon insulated (Pre Out)
2 Audionet Link, optical (Toslink)
1 headphones socket (6.3 mm, stereo)


Technical Data

Output power: 2 x 167 W into 8 Ω
2 x 284 W into 4 Ω
2 x 443 W into 2 Ω
Frequency response: 0.3 – 650,000 Hz (-3 dB)
Damping factor: typ. 1,000 at 100 Hz
Harmonic distortion: k2 typ. -101 dB,
k3 typ. -107 dB,
@1 kHz, 25 W / 4 Ω
THD + N: < -98 dB @1 kHz, 100 W / 4 Ω
SNR: > 106 dB (A-weighted)
Channel separation: > 103 dB @ 1 kHz
Filtering capacitance: 200,000 µF
Input impedance: Line input 50 kΩ
XLR input 7 kΩ
Power consumption: < 1 W Stand by, typ. 900 W
Mains: 220..240 V or 110..120 V, 50..60 Hz
Dimensions: Width 430 mm
Height 130 mm
Depth 450 mm
Weight: 25 kg


Color choices:

Ultra: C-32 (light bronze) with white display
Classic: Silver with blue display
Silver with red display
Black with blue display
Black with red display

The WATT/PLANCK Audionet metal remote control is included in the matching color


Front: Brushed aluminium, 12 mm, anodized, text and icons engraved
Cover: Brushed aluminium, 6 mm, anodized
Plates: Brushed aluminium, 12 mm, anodized
Chassis: Brushed aluminium, anodized, text printed


positive feedback, Issue 96, 04/2018

“From the stillest, calmest, blackest of backgrounds, music erupts into the listening space with alarming immediacy and vividness…
On balance, I can’t imagine any sensitive listener not falling madly in love with this highly entertaining, shockingly revealing middleweight. The WATT swings with the authority of a heavyweight bruiser, dances with the precision and control of a prima ballerina, and blooms with the electrifying vividness of the best valve amps.
Whether you can afford to take the Audionet home is something you, your significant other, and your banker will have to decide. But, if you have the scratch, own musically revealing source components, cables, and speakers (or plan on buying same), and have been consigned to life in a small or medium-sized listening room, give the WATT a spin.

You won’t regret the ride!

If I could afford the cost of entry, I’d buy this baby in a heartbeat.”

Follow Maurice Jeffries to our “paradigm-shifting” WATT here:


“In the listening room the Berliners showed no mercy to either the connected loud speakers or with the various competitors we ranged against them. […] The conclusion is simple: Audionet equipment has never looked better – nor sounded better!!

Sound Quality 100%!


hifi & records

“WATT delivers a forthrightness and power in music reproduction, that I have never heard before. … It does not only amplify the music but brings it to a sound alive, absolutely truthfully and emotional. WATT is painting any instruments in hardly believable tone colours. And it does add a spatial volume and grip, which I have so far only heard by huge pre-/power amplifier combinations. The delightful way it is performing playbacks is characterised not by pressing the sound into the speakers, but by delivering it with an organic lightness, which most other powerful amplifiers are not able to perform at all. … True-to-life and realistic does describe the WATTs sound characteristics very well.”


High Fidelity

High Fidelity, Poland, loved WATT. Their enthusiastic 2017 review, currently in translation, reads like this:



SoundRebels, Poland, loved WATT. Their enthusiastic 2017 review, currently in translation, reads like this:


Audio Video Poland

Audio Video, Poland, loved WATT. Their enthusiastic 2017 review, currently in translation, reads like this:


MM and MC phono module

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