Insert the end pin of the cello contrabass into the middle hole of Delta and play with it.

This Delta has spike legs to prevent skidding to give maximum stability for the player to concentrate on music with confidence without skidding even when playing intense passages.

With the Delta, you can minimise loss of energy, which is normally caused by unwanted reflections from the floor, so you can easily notice that the volume is increased and each note is clearly audible to the audience.

As in the past, you will be much less likely to lose to other instruments and be buried, or you couldn’t hear them.

For jazz bass, you can see that the rhythm becomes clearer and swing better.

This model can be used for both Cell and Contra-bass (Acoustic bass) by replacing the upper board.


Supported Load Weight : 250kg

Dimensions Width 150mm/Height 36mm

Material Stainless steel, Aluminium, Walnut veneer

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